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For her festive London wedding, designer Savannah Miller's bridal look was inspired by Arthurian legend

The choir went on to sing “Blessings in Gaelic” and the couple signed the register. “The Yingshi. St. Peters Church was an old Saxon church, so instead of standing in front we stood in the middle of the church with our friends and family all around us,” recalls Savannah. “It felt so intimate and magical to be so close to everyone. Creating the ritual was a very personal process and it really reflected in the atmosphere we created from it. I was elated from start to finish. Seeing all of our loved ones gathered in Together, dressed up and singing for a glamorous Christmas party, it was unbelievable.”

After the ceremony, Savannah retreated into the chapel to secretly swap with her new husband and bridesmaids clothing. “I used my angelic right hand Charlotte to style a very long and dramatic gold sequined cape with a ruffled collar to wear after the ceremony and she secretly made me some with scattered pearls Embellished tulle sleeves,” says Savannah. “All the textures are a feast for my senses.”

Newlyweds walk from church to their reception, surrounded by friends and family, through the garden reception at Petersham House nursery school. There, they have a string swing band playing and mulled wine and hors d’oeuvres are served before dinner. When the guests were finally seated, the meal became raucous, with plates laden with family-style food set in the middle of the long banquet table.

Earlier in the autumn, the couple traveled from James’ estate in Lancashire, Savannah’s home in Gloucestershire, her mother’s home in Fulham and others Acorns were collected at various important locations. At the reception, they invited all guests to plant an acorn for them so that one day they could plant a wedding woodland in Wyresdale to commemorate their union in a way that transcended the two of them.

After dinner, Savannah removed the lace portion of her look, leaving only the Estelle dress and changed her accessories. “I added a vintage pearl Nikki halo from Leleny [@leleny] and chose some sexy Manolos,” says Savannah. “Then I unzipped my satin gown to reveal one leg and walked through the pyrotechnic tunnel to the ballroom at Petersham House where we did our first dance, ‘There May Be Trouble,’ which was James’ father’s favourite. song. He passed away in February, so it was a joy to bring him into our time.”

Finally, when the dancing really began, Savannah changed into a pair of simple multi-strap pearl flat ballet flats buckle. “I wanted to be able to actually dance, and the Estelle is a cropped, bias-cut, asymmetrical flirty dress that was perfect for my offbeat bride, and it was so easy,” she says. “Felt really free after my wedding look. I paired it with some incredible chandelier diamond earrings from Jennifer Behr, my amazing makeup artist Wendy Rowe put gold glitter on my eyes, Let the party really start.”



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