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For model and singer Carl Hjelm Sandqvist, a new album is a way to control the narrative

For his part, Sandqvist says Ferm “is the only person I can think of who can help me with this, because he’s an artist himself and he has a way of understanding sound and How to get through them. When I sent him the song, he called me back two days later and asked me in a very touchy way, “Are you okay? “These voices represent a confused state of mind.”

It’s easy to get lost in the rush of emotions on Power Ballads, But actually it’s an elaborate project. The sequence of these songs constitutes an emotional journey from pain to release in the form of amnesia. Sandqvist explained that, in addition to using his voice to convey a range of emotions, the idea was to have each track rise in pitch. “It’s a very musical, nerdy thing, but the album starts out in C major and keeps going up with each song. I wanted to create this feeling of rebirth, like this character To forget everything he’s been through so he can wake up again and make the same mistakes again because to me that’s the whole idea of ​​music or a song. A song never learns; it keeps repeating its mistakes. ’ When Sandqvist couldn’t play high notes, he had to figure out how to fix it, like lowering his voice. “You need limits to build your ideas.”

The album’s narrator is based on the god Asclepius, the son of Apollo and Coronis (mortal), while Sandqvist’s visual persona draws on the stereotype of the singer (a kind of clown). He met Asclepius while reading a book relating psychoanalysis to Greek mythology/religion. “I really wanted to do something about this idol,” the musician said, “and I started, like, looking at myself…[Then] I realized I couldn’t really make a record about Asclepius. album. I had to look at it from a more human perspective.” Sandqvist was also affected by the recent heartbreak: “I was very sad at the time, it was my way of keeping my mind on other things.”

Artist portrait as singer.

Photo: Courtesy of Teitur Ardal / Carl Hjelm Sandqvist

Portrait of the artist as a singer.

Photo: Courtesy of Teitur Ardal / Carl Hjelm Sandqvist

Sandqvist developed visuals for the album reminiscent of La Vegas and smoked polyester; Frank Sinatra mimics territory. “I’ve been working on the singer’s idea for years, but I also like to look at it from a meta perspective,” Sandqvist said. “I’m playing a guy who wants to play Frank Sinatra. It’s a very vulnerable character… If you’re going to sing about heartbreak and use your personal experiences in it, you have to make fun of the character and give It has some edge.” The masculine and feminine look that Sandqvist uses here runs counter to the androgynous look he’s often asked to transform into when modeling.

Maison Margiela Fall Fashion

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Marine Serre Falls 2015 Garment

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SR Studio. Los Angeles. California. Spring 2015 Menswear

Photo: Courtesy of SR studio. Los Angeles. CA.

For many years, Sandqvist traveled the world as a fashion model while joining a band. For a while, the two remained separate, but then, he explained, “these two different narratives started to merge with each other.” He refused to do so, for example, by not posting runway images on his Instagram. Sandqvist is now ready for some level of full exposure. “I can’t ignore the fact that I’ve been a fashion model half my life,” he said. “For me, it’s always been combined with me playing in a band. So brands projecting their idea onto me, making me some kind of rock n’ roll personality, and dressing me up [that way], it’s really twisted. My self-image and how I should be as a songwriter or singer.” Power Ballads, He continued, “It’s my way of controlling the narrative. I think Blurring the line between who people think I am and who I think I am. We wear masks and it’s important for me to understand that mask.”




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