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For the brand's launch, the Rose Room throws a dress-up pajama party

If Ally Lewis and Louise Denny have learned anything over the past two years, it’s that comfort is key. Paired with a luxe silk pajama set and a vintage-inspired robe-for-jacket, anyone can look incredible paired—even boho! That’s the genesis of their new fashion label, Rose Room, which launched a cocktail party in Manhattan last Thursday night, with guests dressed in royal blue floral-print 2-piece suits and a new collection of chiffon satin slips. Needless to say, everyone present—Isabella Massenet, Isolde Brielmaier, Elizabeth Lake, Brianna Lance, Olivia Cheng, and more—was comfortable and stylish.

“Our brand and collections are inspired by being together — and by extension, beautiful interior design for unforgettable parties with great people.” This goes back to the idea of ​​being together : A lovely space is even better when it is full of energy and people. Eerdmans became Rose Room for one night. (The Rose Room, named after the location of the Algonquin Roundtable, Manhattan’s cultural creator in the 1920 years.)

“These are the pieces we want to wear when we hang out with friends and bring people together,” Lewis added of the inaugural collection — for now, Pieces are carefully crafted and sourced in New York, but the duo teases upcoming pieces, made from dead-stock materials and vintage textiles. “Everything is comfortable and functional, but also a little dressy. The pieces are both suitable for a big party, as well as hanging out with friends for a drink after a long dinner”.



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