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Forbearance ‒ Episode 9

How do you rate Episode 9 of of
Shinobi no Ittoki?

Community Rating: 4.0

This week, it’s been a bit of a mixed bag, but maybe not so much Shocking because of how I felt about the first few episodes.

So from a plot point of view, I have no idea what happened in the episode The real problem. This outright war between Koga and Iga needs to have casualties (or at least major consequences) for it to feel meaningful, since the toothpaste wasn’t put back in the bottle after we got into a kinetic conflict. Killing Yumika is appropriate in terms of its narrative importance, so it fits the bill. Also, the last few episodes have delved into her background and shown how solid she is as Iga’s leader – both heightening the impact on viewers and increasing the pressure on Ittoki to take over when she leaves. Position. The scene where Gong Xue killed her was also full of great tension. The framing and animation are top-notch, and the visuals are high-fidelity, managing to walk the line between scary and poignant. Shots like bleeding around her limp hands while her wedding ring is still visible or Ittoki holding her as the sun rises are genuinely intuitive. It does this very cleverly.

The problem is…it still feels a little off balance on the other end. The fight is technically appropriate, but it’s not nearly as tense or exciting as a battle between robot ninjas and normal ninjas. They’re bland, generic fights interspersed with buzzy dialogue between a lot of supporting characters we don’t know or care about. Also, Kousetsu’s revelations seemed to distract rather than add to the drama, a shocking twist that pulled me out of the present rather than illuminating past events. In addition, the villain suddenly revealed the ability to control from a distance… Strange? So far, so much of Ninja World has been technical in nature, and the sudden emergence of such powerful magical powers was an unexpected moment that gave me more of an order as a writer than anything else. The episodes are doing well online, but there is still a kink The feeling shows try to do. The question now is what the series will do with the limited time remaining in the season.


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