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Former AKB48 Idol Miki Nishino Marries Comedian Keiichi Yamamoto

Keiichi Yamamoto, member of comedy duo Gokuraku Tombo, announces on his YouTube Tuesday channel says he is married to exAKB25 Idol Miki Nishino . (Date, November , is “Married Couples Day” in “good Japan.”)

Nishino is 13 years old , and Yamamoto

. During Wednesday’s live broadcast, the couple revealed that they first met in 2016 on the set of a TV show.

They start to get closer March 2018 will go out to eat together. Nishino Messaged Yamamoto: “I wonder if I have feelings for you. But that’s impossible, right? Later, at a meal together, she admitted that she couldn’t get him out of her mind. They discussed whether they should have a relationship. Yamamoto confessed that he liked Nishino at a celebrity party, which convinced Nishino that their feelings were genuine

After they started dating, Yamamoto often proposed to Nishino. Nishino said that Yamamoto may have proposed to her 25 times.

in public , the two appeared together on

2022 2020



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