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Former Red Sox CP Jonathan Papelbon: I'll hit Fernando Tatis Jr. every AB after PED test

Mary Desico/MLB photo via cover Tee pictures

Jonathan Papelbon is not a fan of Fernando Tatis Jr.

The former close has had a strong opinion of Tatis after being suspended for 80 games for violating MLB’s Drug Policy.

“This whole Tatis stuff, man, it almost pissed me off,” he said over the weekend at WEEI’s on The Bradfo Sho podcast. “I worked so hard for so long and did it the right way. For me, it pains me so much to see something like this. I’ll tell you right now: If I’m pitching, every time I face that Guy, I’m fucking him. I don’t care if I bring a game and lose.”

Fernando, Tatis’ father Tatis Sr. Tells The Dominican Republic’s The Midday Show According to ESPN’s Olympic Alden Gonzalez reports that his son used Trofobol for ringworm on his neck. Clostebol, a banned substance that Tatis tested positive for, is one of the ingredients in Trofobol. Regardless of why Tatis used Clostebol or whether he did it on purpose, this substance is in the world anti-doping Agency and Major League Baseball’s banned lists.

It will if the Padres can do it, also keep the shortstop/outfielder for the rest of the regular season and season Absent in the playoffs, any remaining suspended games will be played next season. This proved to be a disappointment to some of his teammates and general manager AJ Preller.

“Very disappointed,” pitcher Mike Klevinger told reporters. “We were disappointed with him for the second time. You want him to grow up and learn from it and understand that it’s not just about him.”

The first disappointment Clevinger may have mentioned could be Tatis’s fractured wrist in an offseason motorcycle crash that kept the 23-year-old out for the entire season.

“From an organizational standpoint, he’s someone we put our time and money into,” Presser said of Tatis He said he signed a 14-year, $340 million extension in February 2021. “When he’s on the court, he’s a different person. You have to learn from the situation. We hope there will be some maturity from the offseason to now, obviously with today’s news, it’s more of a pattern, It’s something we have to dig deeper.”

Papelbon, 41, pitches Philadelphia for the Boston Red Sox The Cavaliers and Washington Nationals accumulated 368 career saves in their 12-year career from 2005-16. The six-time All-Star himself is no stranger to some controversy in his career , most famously fighting teammate Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals dugout.

Therefore, it is possible that Papelbon chooses to throw a fastball at Tatis ‘every time facing his direction, two Players’ careers are all lined up, though many might argue that’s the most immature way he has dealt with grievances.



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