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Former Toei Producer Muneyuki Kii Establishes K2Pictures


Former Toei Producer Muneyuki Kii announced on Monday that he established a new movie and video works company called K2Pictures on August 1. The company will mainly produce and contract production for movies and video programs.

Kii is the new company’s Representative Director and CEO. Akatsuki Inc. Representative Director and CEO Tetsurō Kōda and foreign investment fund manager Frederick Katsuro Schmidt were appointed as directors.

The company’s major shareholders include Akatsuki Inc., which actively invests in game productions, Groundworks, which manages the copyright of the series, Rockwell Eyes inc., represented by director Shunji Iwai (, original creator), and Cine Bazar, which produced live-action films such as , , and . The new company has not announced any works in production, but its shareholders expect big developments in the future.

Kii worked for Toei, and was credited for the planning and production of the live-action film. He is also the executive producer of anime films such as , and . Kii also worked for T-Joy and is the executive producer for the film, and was credited for the production of the , and films.

Source: Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)



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