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Former 'Voice of Holland' star charged with sex crimes

The Dutch authorities have made a decision on the popular talent show Voice of Holland .

Jeroen Rietbergen, ex-husband of Dutch actress and TV personality Linda de Mol, sister of creator of The Voice John de Mol, charged with sexually assaulting a woman “in and around the recording studio” of 2022 Violation During the taping of the show, he was the conductor of the air band. Ali B, a Dutch rapper and former celebrity coach for The Voice, has had his sentence commuted on three counts of sexual assault, one of which was related to the show. Both have denied all allegations.

Police are also investigating a third person, Marco Borsato, another A celebrity judge, but decided not to bring charges against him due to lack of evidence.

In a statement issued by his lawyer, Rietbergen called the decision to sue him both “incomprehensible” and a “very hard blow.”

Rietbergen admits to having “sexual relations” with women involved in The Voice of Holland , including “exchanging sexually explicit information” but claims not to coercion. At the time, he said, he did not believe he had abused his position in the production. He has since issued an apology and left the show last January .

In January 2022, broadcaster RTL canceled The Voice of the Netherlands was removed from the air, citing allegations of misconduct and abuse. ITV Studios, which owns John de Mol’s production company Talpa, producer of The Voice, commissioned an external investigation into the allegations.

In an interview with Dutch media after the allegations came to light, Johan de Mol, head of The Voice of Holland( John De Mol) from to , he said he only knew about the Rietbergen One complaint is at 2018. Linda De Mol, one of the Netherlands’ most popular actresses and television personalities, has parted ways with Reitbergen after the assault allegations became public.

No date has been set for the trial of Rietbergen and Ali B.



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