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Former World Championship front-runner dating Angelina Jolie after split from Brad Pitt, according to WWE poll

“Brangelina” was the most talked about couple in the world at the time. The relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has always been a talking point, and the whole world used to ship for them at one point in time.


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The couple got engaged in 2012 and married in 2014 Years tied the knot. They lead a happy and happy life, but then decide to separate. After breaking up with Julie. Rumor has it that Pitt is dating Arya Shawkat, who he dated for about a year before moving on to Nicole Poturaski. Jolie, on the other hand, was seen at the home of her ex-husband Johnny Lee Miller about a year ago.


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However, since “Brangelina” is a big topic , even WWE hasn’t shied away from being the center of attention. WWE’s website launched a poll where they nominated superstars in the WWE universe who could date Angelina Jolie.

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Triple H after making huge changes to Brock Lesnar WWE’s Future Worries

about 1 month ago

The roster features Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, Enzo Amore, Heath Slater, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze and Zack Ryder. However, this show stealer tops the list. Dolph Ziggler topped the list with 36% of the vote, and finally, without further ado, “It should be me.” Enzo Amore is close behind with 22%.

Ziegler was the last to see embroiled in a dispute with Austin Theory, which ultimately prevailed over Ziegler.

Dolf Ziegler opens Triple H over creative department

The 42-year-old recently gave his thoughts on Triple H taking over WWE creative. He spoke with the “Kliq Podcast” about this. Ziegler is a former world heavyweight champion, NXT champion, doubles champion, and a multiple-time mid-card champion.


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Ziggler said, “I mean, Triple H was in the system from start to finish, helping the young guys at NXT, helping us backstage. God, even when I was in Spirit Squad 15 years ago, he and Shawn Michaels were there Help us. So I think it’s a great fit, and that’s the guy who does it. It’s going to be a fun way to change things up a little bit for us.”


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However, Ziegler emphasizes , the backstage hasn’t changed much, the only difference now is Triple H taking the call in place of Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon retired this year and has been replaced by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan and Triple H.

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