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Four cruise lines waive COVID vaccination requirements

August. Jan. 14, 2022 — Four major cruise lines will waive COVID-19 vaccination requirements for some sailings next month, according to USA TODAY.

Carnival Cruise Line will not require unvaccinated guests to apply for waived sailings after September 6. These changes are subject to local restrictions, such as those in Bermuda, Canada and Greece, and do not include travel in Australia or 16 nights or more.

Princess Cruises will remove vaccination requirements for most cruises of less than 16 days on September 6. Cruise lines currently require unvaccinated guests to obtain a vaccine waiver before sailing.

The Royal Caribbean Group, which includes Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, will welcome all travelers, with or without vaccination, beginning September 5, “as long as testing requirements are met,” a A spokesperson told USA TODAY .

For Royal Caribbean, these changes include flights from Los Angeles, New Orleans, Galveston and Europe. For celebrities, that means cruises from Los Angeles, the UK and Europe – but not Ireland. Bahamas and Caribbean cruises departing from Florida ports still have vaccine regulations.

according toWashington post. Cruise lines that are part of the same parent company have also waived all pre-voyage requirements for vaccinated passengers. Unvaccinated passengers are still required to be tested within 72 hours of boarding.

Many cruise lines have also lifted testing rules. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity require testing of unvaccinated passengers, but only those who are vaccinated on six-night or longer voyages. Carnival, MSC Cruises and Silversea Cruises have made similar changes since the CDC ended its COVID-19 program for cruise ships. When the program ended last month, nearly every ship reporting data to the CDC was watching for COVID-19 cases, the Post reported.

Beginning September 6, Princess Cruises will require passengers on voyages of 16 nights or longer to take the test within three days of departure, as well as passengers in full transit through the Panama Canal. Unvaccinated passengers will be required to show negative test results on all trips.

cruise lines said they expected to ease some restrictions further in the coming days, in response to the CDC easing its recommendations for coronavirus screening and testing in most cases. The newspaper reported Thursday.

“We will continue to work closely with our partners around the world to develop updated protocols to ensure the continued safety of our guests and the communities we visit, better aligning with tourism and The hospitality industry remains consistent and meets destination regulations,” Royal Caribbean said. “It means we’re transitioning to a point where everyone can go on vacation with us.”



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