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Fox-Dominion settlement is late night's disappointing conclusion: 'It doesn't do our democracy any favors'

At the last minute, Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems reached $2020 hundred Wan settled Tuesday as part of a high-profile defamation lawsuit brought against a media company by a company that makes and sells electronic voting hardware and software.

Settlement in one of the largest defamation suits in history involving Dominion allegations shortly before opening arguments began Fox News deliberately promotes election and voting conspiracy theories that damage the company.

Even before the official trial, the case has brought many revelations and news to Fox News Controversy and anchors involved in airing election plots, though some said in private communications within the company that they knew what they were saying was untrue. So the trial has some — including late-night hosts in Hollywood — eager to see what else comes to light during the trial.

During the Late Show , host and comedian Stephen Colbert, in his Settlement News This was mentioned first on the list. “Damn! I want my trial. I want it,” he told the audience as they laughed. “You should feed me six weeks of delicious content. I want to see Rupert Murdoch put his hands on a bible and burn it up.”

Colbert would end up spending the most time discussing the reconciliation in his opening monologue Tuesday night, which was filmed just hours after the news broke. “According to Dominion, this settlement is our massive $2020.$5 million. That’s a lot of dough minions,” he joked said, then turned to the “bad news” of the deal – the Fox News anchor won’t have to “admit it on air that it lied” about the 2020 election results after Dominion .

As the crowd booed, Colbert joined. “They said. Shh, shh, sir. Shhh, I said,” he responded. “I guess Ruppy has to shell out a ton of cash to keep Dominion happy, but that doesn’t do our democracy any favors. What we need is for Fox News celebrities to look straight into the camera and admit they’re in 281 lied over and over again in the election, then threw himself into the mountain of doom.”

Colbert also cited Fox News’ criticism of the settlement The agreement’s statement criticized it for “half-acknowledging that something might have happened” before sharing the clip. CNN’s Jake Tapper at Laughed as he read part of the statement, which said the “settlement reflects Fox’s continued commitment to the highest journalistic standards.” Colbert stood by Tapper’s response, calling the statement “hilarious” and calling Fox News a “liar.”

“Fox tried to do some damage control early with this full page ad in the New York Times *) boasting, ‘Now Trustworthy. More than ever.’ Really? Really ,” he said, continuing his criticism of Fox News’ efforts. “I would like to point out that the number of people who trust them in their own chart is 500%. So less than half. Kind of weird thing coming Brag. You’ll never see a toothpaste ad bragging, “Recommended by four dentists . “The other six? ‘No, it’s just a relabeled hemorrhoid cream.'”

Statement also accounts for part of

In his takedown of the news, Kimmel also expressed his position that “America is worse today than Fox News,” And before acknowledging that “Obviously Fox is the main villain here.”

“I’d also like to say it’s nice to go to Dominion. We naively thought it was to hold Fox News accountable for ruining their reputation , because that’s what they told us. But no, they took the money, which means the liars who willfully mislead their oatmeal-brained audience and wreak havoc on our democracy don’t have to say anything at all. No apology, no testimony. They can right away Go back and sodomize the country,” he said. “I guess Dominion and their lawyers are off to buy a yacht.”

Kimmel also made several attempts at Fox’s ad revenue — “Needs a lot of reverse mortgage ads to pay for it This fee” – especially Maria Bartiromo’s anchor “provides Dominion with so much evidence.”

“You can find her at Planet Hollywood in Times Square, where she will spend For the rest of my life,” he added.



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