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Fox News launches marketing effort for prime-time overhaul: 'Right voice at the right time' (Exclusive)

Fox News will launch an on-air marketing campaign this morning touting its new primetime lineup, complete with a new tagline: “Right, of course, for the right It’s a play on words for the news channel, which has been looking for a permanent primetime solution after Tucker Carlson was evicted in April

So the cable news channel announced a complete overhaul of its prime-time programming last month, a sweeping change that nearly Affected every hour after 6pm

Laura Ingraham (described in the promo as “Cable News’ #1 Female Host”) will drop pm and moved to 7 pm to kick off the evening opinion block; Jesse Watters will move from 7 pm to 8 pm; Sean Hannity ( Sean Hannity) (the promo calls him “the longest-running prime-time cable news anchor in television history”) remained in place at 9 p.m.; Greg Gutfeld from his pm moved to 1235400117 pm.

The new promo is also released for every A brief tease of the hour’s style and focus, with Ingraham arguing that “real Americans need to be heard,” and Waters declaring that “we’re covering the stories no one else will,” Hannity told the audience.” I believe in faith, family and America,” Gutfeld quipped that his show was ” this 1235400117 is close to actual entertainment.

What’s unusual about the new lineup is that it’s almost a complete overhaul (only Hannity will stay in place), but is made up of perfectly familiar faces. Fox News isn’t here It is in many ways treading lightly on launching any new talent. Gutfeld and Waters have been veterans of the channel for many years, but due to the afternoon panel show fivesome 1235400117 and wildly popular, the show has recently become Fox’s most popular time slot in years.

Both are currently staying on On the show.

The new marketing favors familiarity and longevity of its hosts and seems acutely aware of the cable news audience, which skews older and values ​​consistency .

Prime time promo is below.



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