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Frame Does Paris Fashion Week Right With Friends, Family, and Caviar

To devour a caviar-filled baked potato on Sunday night in Paris is an idyllic way to spend an evening. Last night, that’s exactly what Frame’s co-founders Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede invited friends and family to do at Paris’ iconic Caviar Kaspia.

The event, which felt more like a family dinner, commenced with Champagne in the private dining room of the Parisian institution. “We’ve been coming here for many years,” said guest Cecile Wincke, the founder of Unemployed magazine. She’s gesturing to her seatmate, stylist Emilie Kareh, “This room has seen a lot.” It has—Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, and Beyonce have all spent evenings here. For decades, Caviar Kaspia has offered an elevated and charming take on Parisian dining, making it a popular event venue among fashion houses. It has been referred to as the unofficial headquarters for fashion and is famously known for allowing indoor smoking. And, after nearly a century in business, it is still family-owned—making it even more fitting for Frame’s Sunday night dinner.

“Frame was born out of working with friends and family over twenty years,” says Tortensson, who is also the brand’s chief creative officer. “Our thing has always been doing things that are fun, not asking anything of anyone. It is genuine, and I think that is what is lost a lot nowadays.” Tortensson tells stories of sitting around dinner tables with friends during Paris Fashion Week. It’s conversations at those tables that have led to collaborations, new ideas, and simply put, fun.

Fun was most certainly had in the restaurant’s upstairs room yesterday evening. It seemed as though for one night only, a handful of the fashion industry’s most creative and elusive characters and a few of entertainment’s most-watched personalities—such as Tinx, Camille Rowe, and Ashley Graham—showed up to the same room with the sole agenda of enjoyment.

After Champagne and a first course of a smoked salmon crepe with creme fraiche was served, the restaurant’s famous dish arrived: pomme de terre au four garnie de caviar. Partygoers passed baked potatoes and caviar down the table until each guest had their own. “We are all friends and family. Everyone in this room has worked together in some way,” Tortensson tells me. “That’s how things happen. I don’t know what comes out of tonight, but all we want tonight is for people to connect and have a moment with your peers in an industry.”



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