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Frame's romance with the Ritz in Paris continues at New York Fashion Week

They say there is nothing more beautiful than Paris in the rain, and a brisk and poetic drizzle swept Manhattan this past Sunday night, just in time for Frame at The Nines The start of the festivities. The reason for the banquet? Welcome to the brand’s second collaboration with the one-of-a-kind Ritz Paris. Delivered directly from the hotel were gilded luggage trolleys, teddy bear key rings, matchboxes and waiters, as well as Colin Field, the famous and beloved head bartender at the Ritz Paris, who made a special trip to New York to serve the occasion There seems to be a steady stream of his elaborate martinis to the likes of Iman Harman, Justin Theroux, Nicole Richie and Karlie Kloss.

“I’ve always liked the Ritz because you really stepped into a piece of history and it still feels so ,” Frame’s Erik Torstensson told Vogue that he stood next to co-founder Jens Grede and paid tribute to their loyalists. “I love spending the day there, hopping tables and meeting friends. It feels like a little club on a busy street in Paris.”

The scene inside The Nines restaurant feels very similar, with guests They seemed to be playing a game of musical chairs, swapping their place settings with the arrival of caviar baked potatoes and cheeseburger fries for a pleasant bun between the brand’s new friends and day one supporters. Rest, like Derek Blasberg, also acts as a matchmaker in this case. “Derek told me I should talk to Camila Fayed, whose family owns the beautiful Ritz in Paris, and maybe do something together,” Torstensen recalled. “Like all of our collaborations, this one grew out of friendship and the excitement of working together to create something truly special.”

After a short drink in the quad room, planning to head to Frame’s next port of call – Ibiza, anyone? – Straight to the basement dance floor, Isabella Massenet’s raucous disco playlist featuring Cindy Bruner, Charlotte McKinney, Ducky Tott, Sean Opry, Party regulars like James Charles and even the DJs’ own mother, the ever-chic Natalie Massenet, were on the dance floor until the wee hours.



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