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Fran Drescher launches zero waste fashion campaign with thredUP

For this collection, Silverstein reflects Nanny Fine’s often emotionally playful style. “I know all of these things from watching the show, being a fan, following her career since The Nanny and everything about this iconic work style,” Silverstein said. “It was the ultimate design challenge.” The collection itself was styled by show stylist Brenda Cooper.

Image: by thredUP

Image: Courtesy of thredUP

Silverstein made these pieces out of unusable and unwearable clothing that thredUP couldn’t sell. With these unsellable possible rejections, Silverstein worked his magic. The aforementioned snappy bucket hat is made with three layers of faux fur and a matching scarf. Silverstein didn’t stop at clothes either. He made bowls out of jeans and a patchwork pet bed modeled after Drescher’s own dog.

Image: by thredUP


Supplied, Silverstein designs range from $ for a pair of shorts to dresses priced over $. (Silverstein also produces masks ($) and Hair Accessories ($12). For this collection, pieces range from $ to $ for custom jackets Prices go up to $60. One jacket is missing, though—Drescher got it himself. ‘I can’ can’t wait to wear it,’ she said “I’m so happy I’ll be wearing some really chic black silhouettes inside because this jacket is one.”



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