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Franca Sozzani's Iconic Wardrobe Shows (and For Sale) in Milan

Franca Sozzani, Italian Vogue from until She died young in Zhongying , the taste is unparalleled. Franka created fashion but didn’t follow it, or at least she wasn’t obsessed with it. Her mantra is style. A personal style, based on a mix of vintage and modern pieces, that sets her apart from other editors and fashionistas as much. The difference is her charisma, which makes each of her choices unique.

As her sister Carla Sozzani explained, “Franca’s style has two periods: the first period is very sober And somewhat unisex, it is characterised by many of her Alberto Biani outfits that have almost become her uniforms. While little is left of that period, with the exception of a few Caraceni jackets, her son Francesco Carrozzini likes to remember her that way mostly. “This is what we thought of her at the turn of 145sand148s: She often came to the newsroom wearing tapered dark pants and a possibly wide white shirt with the humble Fru on her feet Lani people. She did not bring a handbag, but a small mountain bag.



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