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Frances Tiafoe on his breakout year and traveling in style with Aman

In September, following the US Open, he attended New York Fashion Week, saw the “Crazy, Crazy” Vogue World Show and walked in the Tom Ford show , with Ciara and Russell Westbrook. “That’s crazy,” Tiafoe said. “Let them ask questions and talk excitedly. Because you don’t think about these things, do you? You’re just playing tennis and you don’t realize how deep it is.”

At this point, he talks about the whirlwind effect of increased visibility. “I think this year has brought me closer to the people around me,” he said. “You really start to depend on them because a lot of them come from woodwork. Everyone gets their two cents and tells you ‘Oh, you should do this, you should do this. “I want to keep listening to the people I’m with. I don’t want to change because I’m in a new place.”

Back at Amanyara, Tiafoe is delighted to be involved with the clinic one-on-one communication. In this post-Covid era of insatiable demand for luxury experiences rather than just comfortable vacations, the scheme feels particularly good. The combination of elite sports, social media moments, the excitement of celebrities and the camaraderie and charitable giving of ordinary travelers is a winner.

“The world’s top resorts are constantly looking for ways to innovate and differentiate themselves,” said Chris McCormack, vice president of athlete talent management and sports marketing firm GSE Worldwide and lead organizer of the clinics. “Amanyara has created a unique, unrivaled product through its Legends program. Two months ago, Aman’s guests were watching Tiafoe beat Nadal at the US Open. Today, they face off on the other side of the net.”

When it was my turn to bat, I was lucky enough to be in an unofficial doubles match with and Tiafoe. Let’s just say, I was nervous. “Keep it up, keep it up,” he said, as my backhand slice was high and long and kind of flat. It works, though—Tiafoe has an unearthly coolness that comes with an easy-going verve that helps keep it under control. Of course, considering that no one in this clinic is particularly advanced, his performance is about 10% of normal skills. But everyone cheered when he hit the ball with his famously unconventional swing.



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