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Freida Pinto opens up about her experience with postpartum depression

Pinto hopes their partnership will ultimately improve the level, breadth and accessibility of care available to new mothers in every way. “Not everyone knows that talk therapy actually exists for postpartum mothers,” she said. “That’s where Sollis can make a difference and really help.” She touts their service for testing postpartum thyroid levels and understanding hormone balance, as well as providing trusted resources (“not Dr. Google at 2 a.m.”) to ease the pain Not to activate anxiety. “It’s not like you call them and the doctor on the other side is diagnosing you with something,” she said of the telehealth team. “They just ask you the right questions, put you at ease, [and] refer you to others when they feel it’s important — that mentorship is like a bond. Someone actually listening to me, not underestimating My current feelings and experiences.”

After a year of enlightenment, Pinto today can appreciate her empathy for other mothers. “It’s about sharing,” she said. “If I could share some of the resources, if I could share the additional resources that I have in the form of time, platform, money and knowledge, I think that would be the legacy that I want to leave, and for that, I need to work with someone like Sollis Companies collaborate,” she said of the importance of seeking out verified medical resources. “I’m grateful I’ve found a way to take care of myself, but now I’ll be more mindful for the rest of my life. Like I said, postpartum isn’t a blip – it can happen again.”



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