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From ‘Fuller House’ to ‘And Just Like That’: 30 Shows That Prove TV Reboot Culture Is Alive and Well

‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘90210,’ ‘Bel-Air’ and ‘The Connors’ are among several shows that scored a remake or revival.

'Hawaii Five-O,' '90210', 'Bel-Air,' 'Fuller House'

‘Hawaii Five-O,’ ‘90210’, ‘Bel-Air,’ ‘Fuller House’ Karen Neal/CBS via Getty Images; Everett; NBC; Everett

Some may question whether a reboot could ever be just as good or even better than the original, and while that’s still up for debate, The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of some series that did get reboots or sequels.

The list, by no means complete, focuses on a handful of scripted shows that scored two or more season renewals during their runs, including Hawaii Five-0, 90210, Bel-Air, Fuller House, Battlestar Galactica, Will & Grace, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, The Connors, iCarly and more.

Reboots are described as a rebranding of an entertainment project or universe that has previously been established, from the characters, storylines and fan base. In some cases, cast members from the original show will return for a sequel, and in other instances, a cast with all new actors and actresses is brought on for more of a reboot.

But, industrywide, studios have relied on TV show reboots for decades because of the existing intellectual property associated with the projects. Especially with foreign TV distributors, established franchises with a built-in audience typically reduce marketing and promotional costs from the start.

The CW, specifically, featured a number of reboots because its former owners, CBS Studios and Warner Bros. TV, wanted to profit from international and streaming sales of well-known titles. Shows like Dynasty, for example, were well-known around the world, making a reboot an easy, money-making move. (However, while the reboot of Dynasty ran for multiple seasons, it was always the lowest-rated show on all of broadcast during its run.)

Several other popular reboots did not make the list because they only ran for one season, such as Veronica Mars, The Comeback, Twin Peaks: The Return, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, 24: Legacy and Prison Break.

A number of reality television shows not on the list have also scored revivals throughout the years, including The Kardashians, Queer Eye, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Fixer Upper, American Idol, The Hills and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

As projects continue to make their return, THR is keeping an eye on reboots that are either currently in the works or just premiered, such as Party Down, That ‘90s Show, Perry Mason, Phineas and Ferb, Frasier and Daredevil: Born Again.

A list of 30 scripted TV shows that have gotten multi-season reboots or spinoffs follows.

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