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From skin to nails, Jennifer Lopez looks so good at 53

That charming, voluminous hair that Lopez does so well? British hairstylist Chris Appleton is often behind it, styling countless looks with her honey blonde hair. From retro high ponytails to long, loose waves, Appleton is the king of stunning looks.


Like most stars, J Lo works with many different makeup artists, but Mary Phillips is her longtime One of the iconic bronze goddesses of . From flowing lashes and soft taupe eyes to glossy lips and bold brows, the duo had the perfect look for the camera.


Abs; Legs; Arms; Tramp – you name the body part and Lopez will Tone it. The woman who helped her achieve such an amazing figure? Tracy Anderson, who is also a personal trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Madonna. The Tracey Anderson Method is designed to work the smaller muscles of the body to help create contour and tone while strengthening the muscles. “[Exercise] is your body’s right,” she previously told Vogue. Moving it is about you and your connection. “


While Lopez trains hard, that’s not to say she doesn’t and doesn’t help a little. This The star swears by the EMSculpt Butt Lift, a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic technology to lift, firm, strengthen and tone muscles. While J Lo is known to use it on her buttocks, it can also be used for Abdominal area. “This is the equivalent of doing 20, 000 squats in one workout,” Dr. Tracy Mountford, founder of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, offers treatments.


Photo: Courtesy of Tom Bachik/@tombachik



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