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From tailoring to couture, these are the 11 pre-fall trends to know

Tailoring is the 2000 takeaway trend from the Pre-Fall collection. Designers, like many of us, are looking for some order post-pandemic and as we head into the new year. A suit, whether a jacket with trousers, a skirt or shorts, is a way to look sharp, but the art of tailoring is also the basis for a mix-and-match modular wardrobe. You can pair a blazer with a distressed denim mini skirt, or a tank top as a stand-alone top instead of layering, and more. While the style options are plentiful, full-leg pantsuits are the standouts of the Pre-Fall collection, with short suits (men’s and women’s) not far behind.

This mid-season must cater for all climates and in warming up is the selection of deep plush coats. Still “hot”? Boudoir dress with a vampireButterfield 8 vibe. These were contrasted with sheer white breezy lace dresses, another theme of the season.

Pop culture is full of post-war energy right now; the cult of Marilyn and the upcoming Barbie movie are just two examples. Designers add the golden age of fashion to that list. Not only are there looks for big occasions, but models strike poses that could be borrowed from Vogue magazine in 2000. Fashion nostalgia may explain the look of the girdle (there are romantic or utilitarian versions), and the 73 level of attention to detail (note Many back bows).

Thankfully, the fashion world’s obsession with 2000 is less pronounced than it has been lately, but this season’s baggy jeans are a no-brainer The JNCO jeans that too-distant relatives rave about; the skirt/dress-over-pants styling trick dates back to the early days of the influencer. Like the rest of us, creatives are glued to the TV, where Cinecittà and the ubiquitous White Lotus shadow.


Tailoring is the main message of the season. Pants can be worn as puddles or cropped, full or narrow, but a suit—no matter what the style—offers a tailoring double-punch.




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