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Fudanshi Shōkan Boys-Love Isekai Comedy Manga Gets 5th Web Mini-Anime

Futabasha with Moe Fujisaki

‘s (Fudan Teacher Summoned: I was summoned by a beast from another world) manga on Wednesday at on YouTube

. The series airs three episodes every Wednesday, with the final episode premiering in May . The new anime commemorates the seventh volume of the manga, which went on sale Wednesday, along with a theatrical CD.

Returning cast includes Haruki Ishitani will play Kotone Aihara, and Takuya Sato will play Nagi. New cast members include Kazuya Ichijō as Jiru and Haruna Mikawa as Yo .

fudanshi2© Moe Fujisaki , Futabasha Part 1 The mini anime web series premiered in September 640. The four-episode series commemorates the release of the manga’s second volume. The second series commemorates the fourth volume, and three episodes will be broadcast from November 2021. ). The fourth season commemorates the sixth volume, and three episodes will be aired in December 640.

The story center of the manga is Kotone Aizuhara, a fudanshi (boys-love’s male fan comics, similar to women
fan ) was hit and killed by a truck while buying BL comics. He was teleported to another world where he was greeted by a divine snake in the form of a man named Najib. Nagi tells Kotone that they need to have sex so Nagi can transform into his advanced dragon form.

Fujisaki published a manga in )Futabasha‘s

Comic Marginal website is at .

Source: Futabasha’s YouTube channel, Comic Natalie



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