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Fuel Tips: How to Save Money While Driving

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Get the most out of every gallon – Here are TG’s practical tips for getting the best fuel economy out of any car

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Slow down and relax

First and foremost Obviously, the best way to save fuel is to drive a little more carefully, or as if you recently broke your big toe. If your car revs higher, it will use more fuel, so don’t hit the limiter in every gear, and possibly lower your cruising speed by a few mph. Also, a little anticipation can do wonders, so Be careful approaching intersections, hills, roundabouts – any slowdown incidents, really – cruise not abuse. According to some pretty boring studies, cars are generally most efficient when driven at a constant speed of 45-50 mph on a perfectly flat road. So the only answer is to move to Holland and never stop.


  • Check tire pressure and maintain your car regularly

    A poor quality car is an inefficient car, so try to keep up with maintenance, even if it’s an older car. Part of that should be checking your tire pressures regularly – get it wrong and you’ll not only affect handling and braking, but also lower fuel efficiency on your knees. Tire companies estimate 4% to 11% fuel consumption This can be attributed to the rolling resistance of the tires, and a 10% reduction in rolling resistance equals a 1% improvement in fuel economy. So it’s not just checking pressure at MOT time. Low rolling resistance tires might also be worth looking into – they’re rated on a scale from “A” to “E” – with “A” being the most efficient and “E” essentially blu-tack and velcro.

      Do not carry unnecessary weight

      Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people keep 50+ kilos is bullshit in their car. It might not save much, but the less weight you carry, the less work your car will have to do, so ditch everything you don’t need. Avoid carrying a football team, or simply prioritize your smaller friends.

      Again, disassembly can be a hassle, but empty Roof racks can add more than 15% to the average car’s air resistance at 75 mph (roof boxes can approach 40), so it’s worth pulling them off when not in use.


    • Don’t sit idle and use good fuel

      Most modern cars now have a stop/start system – the car stops the engine when stationary and restarts when you start off – but there are many cases where the engine is running The installation is really just burning fuel without power. Sure, you need to charge your phone or keep the radio on, but you can do it for a while after the ignition, and you need to charge your iPhone with the 2.0-litre turbo diesel?

      Also, it might be worth trying some premium fuel. TG had mixed results, but burned cleaner, higher octane fuel should

      , in theory, can Offset the extra cost with better mpg. As long as your car can take advantage of it and you’re not using the extra bhp to go faster. we will not. once. No.

      Manage your air conditioning and cruise control

      The air conditioner is essentially a The very big pump robs your engine for power, so turning it off helps improve efficiency. But this can lead to sweaty armpits. So opening the window slowly is actually more efficient. But on the highway, air resistance cancels out the gain, so it’s best to use low A/C and close the windows. Also, cruise control works best on highways. Good (it stops you from accelerating and braking), so learn how and where to best deploy it. Interestingly, unimpeded motorways are the most efficient roads in the UK in terms of mpg. Just don’t tell those who use the M25 a lot.

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