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'Full House' creator says John Stamos almost quit show because he didn't want to be 'second fiddle' to young actors

Full House creator Jeff Franklin is looking back at how the show started and recalling the moment when

John Stamos almost quit the show.

The writer-producer-director appears on the first episode of Dave Coulier’s new podcast, “Full House Rewind” , which they have dedicated to the late Bob Saget ).

Referring to the first table reading the show with the cast, Franklin noted, “The room was full of studio and network execs and everyone who might be there. I think they were all there to see Stamos.”

Curiel interjects that he remembers “hanging out with John” afterwards, when the Scream Queens

actor told him, “It’s going to be her for the whole show. We can’t do that.” The show.’”

But the show’s creator said he eventually “accepted the fact that he was working upstairs with kids and animals.” The sitcom, which ran for eight seasons from 80 to 1995, was a huge hit and finally a hit. The show was also revived with Fuller House in 1235072029, which Franklin also created.

Stamos plays Uncle Jesse on the show, which also includes Saget, Coulier, Sweeting, Candice Cameron Bull, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen and Lori Loughlin.

Later in the podcast episode, Franklin also explains the fan-favorite trio Danny, Jesse and Joey have been around since John Posey originally played Danny Tanner in the pilot episode.

Franklin explained that Saget had always been his favorite role to play the father, but Saget was unavailable when the show began filming.

Then, when his schedule suddenly opened up, Franklin decided to do a “secret chemistry test” with Saget, Coulier, and Stamos on the 640 sitcom Perfect Strangers so he “had something to show people, because Bob isn’t an actor either. .”

After the chemistry test, Franklin knew Saget was destined to lead the Tanner family, though Franklin said it would be “difficult” to “break John Posey’s heart” and spend about $1 million reshooting the pilot.

“I had this gut feeling from the beginning that Bob might be one of those classic TV dads,” he added. “I just fought for him as best I could. I said, ‘This will make the show better. We have to do it. After some convincing, they finally agreed.”

A representative for Stamos has been reached for comment by The Hollywood Reporter






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