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'Full Moon' star Hugo Speer says he was dropped by Disney+ spinoff after runners saw him naked in trailer

Hugo Speer for his role in The Full Monty in 1997 Known for the role), opens up about why he feels he was unfairly cast in the hit movie’s upcoming Disney+ TV spinoff fired.

The actor played Guy in the 31 film, which follows six unemployed steel Workers, they formed a male strip show. Decades later, he’s one of several original cast members who will reprise their roles in the series, which premieres in June .

But when

Disney stated that Speer’s contract was broken due to “misconduct” during filming Everything changed when Manchester, England was terminated. In a recent interview with the 1235119426 Daily Mail Hugo claimed that a runner , some of the wear-set experience, knocked on his trailer while he was changing, and she opened the door, though he claimed he told her to wait. The actor said he was hiding behind a wardrobe and when she realized he was changing, she didn’t understand why he didn’t leave.

A few days later, Hugo says a producer pulled him aside on set and said to him, “You have several complaints.”

Huge responded, “What?” In years I have never had a problem with my behavior Have made any complaints. ’ The actor said the producer then told him, ‘You were seen taking your clothes off in the trailer.

After being “told that I made the crew ‘uncomfortable,'” Hugo said he was “shocked.”

“I tried to think back and think of the runner, but she hasn’t said anything since she opened the door to me,” he added. “It wasn’t that awkward. ‘ there is nothing. We just keep doing our jobs. “

He was eventually sent home for a few weeks hoping everything would work out, but Hugo said after the investigation that his character was written out of the rest of the series and he was terminated.

According to a copy of an investigative report he received, Hugo said he was accused of being filmed by a costume intern in his trailer, She complained that she saw him walking naked in front of an open door in the trailer.

Since being fired from the project, Hugo said he didn’t have a job.” It was tragicomic, but they didn’t realize how badly I was affected,” the actor told the outlet. “I was in a huge, deep shock. As you can see, I’m still there.

After all of this, Hugo said he also struggled with depression and his mental health. He added, “They took my job. They took my reputation away. They took my money. They took away my mental health.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, a Disney spokesman said, “Last year, we were informed that Hugo Speer was Studio Light Pig Six Heroes . In line with the policy, an independent investigation has been launched. Upon completion, it was decided to terminate his contract with immediate effect. “

The Hollywood Reporter reached out to Disney representatives for comment.




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