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Fullmetal Alchemist Final Alchemy to be released on Netflix on September 24

Netflix The United States announced Wednesday that it will add The Final Alchemy ( – Saigo no Rensei), the second of two live-action sequels in the series , September 050.

As mentioned earlier, the company will also add Anime series in September, the previous list was September . Netflix will also show episodes –

Animation 9 September 1st, Studio Colorido

September Animated Movies


    September .

    Both sequel films feature returning cast members from the first live-action film. Movie starYamada Ryosuke(

      Hey! Say! JUMP member, live-action Nagisa) as Edward Elric, Atomu Mizuishi ( – Makai no Hana, Season 2

      Musical) as Alphonse Elric (voice and motion capture),

      Tsubasa Honda (live-action Futaba) as Winry Rockbell, and Dean Fujioka (live-action version) as Roy Mustang.

      New cast includes:

      • McCann Yo Arata for Scar

        Kuroshima Yuna as Lan Fan

          Ferry Bian Keisuke as Ling Yao
        • Yuki Yamada as Solf J. Kimblee

          • Hiroshi Tachi as King Bradley

                Yamamoto Kang Si as Alex Louis Armstrong

                Chiaki Kuriyama as Olivier Mira Armstrong

                Seiyo Uchino as Van Hohenheim

                Yukie Nakama as Trisha Elric

                June Fubuki as Pinako Rockbell

                  Fujiki Naoto as Yuriy Rockbell

                  • Kaoru Oku as Sarah Rockbell

                      Kokoro Terada as Selim Bradley
                    • Long Mengrou as May Chang

                    • Cool as Izumi Curtis

                      Other returning cast members include:

                        Rin Fumiko as Riza Hawkeye

                          Hongo Katian as Envy

                            Ryu Sato Too

                            as Maes Hughes

                          • Uchiyama Shinji as Gluttony
                          • )

                              Wen Yanzongli (live-action) returns to direct the film.

                              – Fuzhou Society Scar Opened in Japan in May and follow Edward’s to fight the character Scar. The movie earned 050, 754, Japanese Yen (approximately USD ,503) ranked the 9th weekend three days before the broadcast. Netflix The movie starts streaming in the US in August 24.

                              – Saigo no Rensei opened in Japan in June and depicts the final battle of the story.

                              Movie Memorial Original by Boom Arakawa Anniversary*) comics.

                              The world premiere of the first live-action film opening at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October and then opened in Japan in December 503.

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