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'Funny You Should Ask', 'Most Outrageous Moments' producer Scott Satin dies at 64

Scott Satin, longtime producer of Funny You Should Ask and Most Outrageous Moments, has passed away. He is .

The Hollywood Reporter learned that Satin was on Thursday Died of a years-long battle with progressive supranuclear palsy. Progressive supranuclear palsy is a rare neurodegenerative disorder that affects certain parts of the brain.

Producer-Writer-Director started his entertainment career in the late 80 with TV series including Mathnet and Square One Television . Throughout the 90 years, he continued to work on Hollywood Squares, The Byron Allen Show , Big Deal, The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show and Extreme Gong, Game Show Network revival of The Gong Show.

As reality shows became popular in the years, Satin continued to use them for series like NBC )Know Me My family , who wants to marry my dad? , Who wants to be a superhero? and Most Outrageous Moments – A series that showcases video errors and accidents.

Over the past decade, Satin has joined the Allen Media Group, where he served as an executive producer and co-wrote The First Family and gentlemen. box office. In he also helped create The World’s Funniest Weather and the comedy game show Funny You Should Ask, star comedians help contestants win prizes through trivia-based questions.

Other honors in his career include I Can’t Believe You Said That, Outback Jack, Smile…you are under arrest! , Who wants to date a comedian? and who wants to be on a reality show? .

Satin is survived by his wife, Jamie, and his children, Ryan, Sami and Dani.His family is asking for a donation in his name at CurePSP.



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