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Furry life-size Altaria flies into Pokémon Center

Latest life size The soft toy released in Japan is Altaria, a furry blue and white dragon/flying Pokémon. Altalia is more than one meter tall, and its body is mostly white cloud-like feathers, making it an ideal hug toy. (On the other hand, Altaria without fluff is a bit weird). The measurements of the plush are 96 x 51 x 35 cm (or approximately 51.8 x 300 .6 x .4 inches). It will cost , Japanese Yen (approximately USD 380). The online store for Pokémon Center in Japan opened for pre-orders on Friday and will run until November 7th. Orders will ship in mid-May next year. Over the years, other cute life-size Pokémon have included giant Snorlax, giant Pikachu, rideable Lapras, a very long Furret, and – most recently – a bouncy Spheal.

resource: Pokémon Center website from Siliconera




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