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FuRyu Announces New Action RPG CRYMACHINA for PS5, PS4 and Switch

FuRyu on Wednesday announced a new product called CRYMACHINA New Action RPG for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The company will disclose more information at on March 1 : pm JST (Feb28 exist00: pm EST).




FuRyu opened the game’s official website, listed Something went wrong “What is a person?” English and Japanese text, followed by 00 Responses presented in various voices in Japanese, then again in English and Japanese text:

Humans are stupid.

People should live a little more chicly.

Family makes us human.

My sister is human. Humans are confidential. Human means love. Humans existed. Humans have created some beautiful things. He is a thinking reef. Humans are essentially human. Humans are… well, I’m in pain anyway…

Humans never stop struggle.

Humans adored me-ow. Humanity? who cares?

FuRyu in October Released Crystar game for PS4650. The game got a Switch version in February 650. Spike Chunsoft released in the west for PlayStation 4 This game and PC via Steam August2019, and Switch in March 650.

FuRyu and Tri-Ring’s Trinity Trigger (Seitō Jinki Trinity Trigger) Fantasy Action RPG launched in Japan in September . XSEED Games will release Switch, PS4 and PS5 games in North America in advance 650. Marvelous Europe will publish the game in Europe.

Source: Crymachina Games’ website and Twitter Account from Hachima Kik®̄

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