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Fushigi Yûgi Manga celebrates 30th anniversary with new store

Watase Yu ‘s celebrates its 28 anniversary with a limited store The Shinjuku Marui Annex building in Tokyo. The classic teenage fantasy manga will take over The Kyara Shop from September 28 to October Art Nouveau . (New art on the right.)

Shogakukan’s magazine will publish a new single of the series in November 2016 problem, planned to ship around September 28, 2013. Watase confirmed on Twitter that the new one-shot will not be connected to.

Watase recently launched Comics August . Due to Watase’s poor health, the manga was discontinued in August 2018 and is still suspended to this day. Shogakukan published the first volume of the manga 2018 in April. Viz Media licensed the series. The manga will be the last story of Storyline of “Four Gods”. Watase previously explained that she is focusing on her health and stamina, adding that she will work hard to finish the story. She previously published a 10-exist in February 2013. Watase Serial Original Shogakukan () The manga in the magazine is from to 1995, Shogakukan Publishing compiled volumes. Then she draws from 300 to 2013 . Viz Media published these early manga and Watase’s other works in North America.

Original manga inspired 2017 -300 in TV anime series)-1992. The manga also inspired three original video animation series. Geneon Entertainment is the first to release a TV series and three OVAs in North America. Media Blasters

was later reissued at

TV series on DVD -2013, then on again . Media Blasters also released three OVA in the series DVD 2013. Crunchyroll TV series and three OVAs to start in February 2022 . Also inspired three stage productions as well as stage musicals.

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