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FUUTO PI ‒ Episode 5

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Omg, maybe

Really let myself go, just to move things away from Shotaro temporarily. I love the boy, but when he had to lie down after contracting a horribly bloody death case it said a lot and almost immediately a long teased character like Terui stepped out of the woodwork to officially rejoin the cast lineup, and Tokime and Philip solved their problems well enough that they were basically solved before this storyline was done! I guess that speaks to W how many ensembles the crew has through this series Iterates, so taking the time to rotate through all the different faces on the team will cause the program to feel more alive. I’ll admit, for new viewers who aren’t yet familiar with Ryu Terui or Fang Memory, the more structured, toned down approach may have worked better before, but from where I’m sitting, Absolutely take off and go this week, this is all probably the best episode of the show so far for me have seen it. The most obvious of these The component is to see Philip step up to take the lead in the investigation, and what is it to come down with Shotaro. The green side of our main Kamen Rider definitely had a different way of working, and now involving Terui and the rest of the cops has changed that even further. It takes a more formal, professional approach to the whole work, featuring Philip’s analytical efforts in problem-solving. Philip does still have the emotional side he developed on his year-long reality show, yes, but one can see his apprehension about what happened to Shotaro and his concern about not being able to decipher the true nature of the dopant. Frustration they are dealing with the issue of putting pressure on him. That’s what motivates him to take on this more rigorous, serious detective job in the moment, considering that being aware of his emotional component helps him achieve some sort of clear breakthrough. Without him, just Simply walk her around to give her a place to stretch her legs, take action and prove she can protect clients. I will say that when Tokime was supposed to be the antagonist, she seemed a little inconsistent as such a crafty, effectively evasive actor, and her formal assignment to the Narumi detective team suddenly turned her into a combative brawling sidekick. Granted, she’s out of touch with the Doppelganger Fuuto she uses to perform extrajudicial magic, but I don’t know if that should relegate her to being primarily a tool for topical advice for more mature characters so she can learn her lessons. Again, the conflict in this story is said to be mediocre in this regard based on her issue with Philip, only because they actually interact very little in showing and addressing it. However, Tokime All going through its own thematic effort, combined with the development of this week’s client Moriguchi, and expressed by a focused cameo from Shotaro himself. That’s one of the key scenes that made this whole episode so important to me, because Mr. Half-baked supports doing anything you can, using whatever talent you have, making other people happy and seeing their smiles because of that It also makes you happy. This is fundamental, not only for W as a whole, but For the entire population Franchise i.e.

, nice to see it delivered so sincerely in a piece like this. Regarding ‘s interpretation of the characters, I have something to criticize, or Pacing from these stories, but I admit it still feels

Like it’s core, Shotaro imparts this to some of the new characters here. Conflict on Philip’s side The Settlement, then, is probably the more noteworthy part of the episode. I had to talk, I wanted to talk, but I’ve admitted it was my own decades of anime and expectations honed

programme. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely amazing to see Akiko simply shout out that Philip’s main problem with Tokime is that he’s jealous of her growing relationship with Shotaro, especially after I talked about it half-jokingly last week ! But then let Akiko go on to elaborate, very specifically, that falling in love with Shotaro is something Philip can totally do, and have Philip seem comfortable accepting that, well… let’s say it’s the most uplifting One of the things a surprise has been served. Now, I don’t Will go all out to celebrate the Canon confirmation already – while this franchise is no stranger to the quintessentially gay Kamen Rider, W Presenting Shotaro and Philip’s relationship all the time means I’m still totally ready to write to pull back the topic and eventually get to Philip declaring that he really, really respects Shotaro as a platonic mystery-solve partner. But even just surfacing the idea in text, outlined by Akiko’s sincere ally, feels like a solid step forward, no matter how difficult it turns out to be out there to lure shippers. Plus, Philip is a rare character who ends up fighting less , which is very interesting. With someone on realizing he is against them in a love triangle. But if that’s not exactly branding to him. This week is easier deal with the “mysterious” side of the plot. I was right: Maji-P’s suspicion was a red herring, and while the lead of Megu’s makeup team was the real culprit in the leak, it must have felt like a mysterious solution in itself, and her motives for jealousy were indeed related to These developments for Philip’s character are good. It would be great to hear more from Magu herself about her previous gaming interactions and her determination to be an entire internet idol for her fans.


Philip-centered structures are Fang Memory It’s a treat to be ready for the appearance. I admit that the launch of this newest plastic plot device may have come too suddenly for anime-only viewers who may feel like they now have a grasp of how the power of W works, especially how to retrofit with that thing. Point to use Philip’s body instead of Shotaro’s body. But maybe they’ll detail that next week, and in the meantime, you’ll see an adorable robotic dinosaur power-transform into a sweet, spiky variant of our favorite superhero suit. Really, isn’t that the experience? about?


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