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FUUTO PI ‒ Episode 6

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As expected, Happy to introduce Philip’s FangJoker-style explanation for the layman at the beginning of this episode. Of course, in six episodes, I’m pretty sure the show has nailed down which viewers will stick around, whether or not they’re familiar with the ongoing elements of the source material it will drip into. (Know you can watch the first two episodes W Toei’s YouTube channel with English subtitles. It won’t even come close to covering everything in the series or the anime, but it’s a start.) This episode continues that style, making fun of Terui’s Rider form… later. But anyway, this is the last third of the storyline, and most of it was done in the last week, so pretty much all of this is ok Doing is ostentation, it’s done well.


Fortnite – Inspiration Geats only premiered this weekend,

to complete your own video game-based plot. Philip transformed and totally savage FangJoker on Meganeura Dopant for daring to hurt his boyfriend and as are used to it, and it’s a great showcase that they can take advantage of animation for a specific type of action. Some riders get beat immediately after dunking in the water, but since we don’t need to worry about saving the suits in this situation, we get this slick scene of Fang’s blade doing the shark impression because the rest of the confrontation is really effective showing off the form How “everywhere” the fighting style should be. but with

Like all things in W

, there are multiple aspects to balancing things. I like the idea that Philip’s rampage is more of a distraction and that he’s still able to transform into his nerdy, analytical patterns to explain how he is Actually is about to beat the dopant. It’s nice to see him feel cocky about his abilities, not just for him to clash with Shotaro or Tokimome for dramatic purposes, but as a storyline that seems like it should focus on Philip as a character to the audience Said, I think it finally came to an end. A simple acknowledgment of the growing respect between him and Tokime feels more deserving here than ever, while Philip declares understanding Boy love ended up being considered a joke more than I liked because it played in his role last week The key characters (and definitely make me see what other viewers have mentioned about: the show desperately tries to portray Shotaro as aggressive as possible and not gay) it’s still cute and fun. In fact, in addition to the first Playing that part of the episode, and the messy murder of the monster Mihara at the end, overall it’s just an overall lovely episode. We have enough time to resolve the issues between Moriguchi and Maji-P, including revealing real The reason he acts like a jerk is because he just cares about her so

too many, and she’s still going against the company’s top management for her! We hadn’t really heard of them before, but it’s the kind of puzzle-solving turn I’d be buying from this series, and the producer does admit there’s a problem with his attitude and is determined to get better in the future. It was heartening to see the two of them finally leave their abusive work environment and start their own gaming company. The story is about accepting what you really want and using those realizations to resolve conflict — just like Philip and Torquay put their beef on the bed at the end. As I predicted, Tokime got her own pink Stag Phone, but it felt more meaningful than I initially expected. Some gradually ending Antics and ongoing mysteries – story interpretations do feel like they’re trying too hard to fill the run-time of episodes that don’t have enough content. It just satisfies my two feelings about

and its predecessors An ongoing curiosity about what it might look like – the episode structure, not the anime’s apparent commitment to the trio. I don’t know if we need to see Tokime make a list of all the cute robotic animal toys, or barely see Aurora Dopant in action until he introduces other allies he’ll be working with in the future. Stuff like this lends ongoing Sunday morning series Proper vibe for the show, but it’s also (currently) a single course The animation uses its episode count to sort things out halfway through the animation. As long as the combat remains cool, and the mystery of the moment is as interesting as this one, the series should continue to do well, but as solid as it is, I feel like I’m still waiting for it to really reach all the potential it carries.


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