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FUUTO PI ‒ Episode 7

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This episode ) It starts with Shotaro and Philip stumbled through a snow in a mountainous rural area, and I was immediately fascinated by the idea that they had walked in . Of course, that’s not the case, but it’s not too far off either, because the premise of this week’s introduction to The Arc’s plot really is like our dynamic duo ending up with a different story than their usual city-based superhero antics. Except W the usual black standard, what we got here is a Classic Enclosed Space Mansion Murder Mystery, A Structure Even Before People Start It was obvious before death. While I don’t know where this story is going, I do feel that of all the stories this series has started for us so far, this is actually the one that I found most engaging from the very beginning.

Especially this story , looks to be receiving further what its status as an animated adaptation has to offer free. An immediate effect of doing this is getting started with settings. Earlier, the series was keen to recreate some of the familiar Toei We know the filming location is Kazuto, but now they’ve realized they could port the character to a place like this isolated mansion, which is said to be in the “suburb” of the city, a village It has its own backstory and mature setting loaded with mysteries to be solved. It helps make the series feel like it’s growing into its own identity, while still focusing its style and portrayal on our familiar weaknesses and the puzzle-solving abilities of our dual detective leads. This episode is still as much as any of the storyline openers in *) itself is a mystical concept of “stock”, but I still find myself more drawn to it It’s driven because it shows a kind of story that doesn’t happen, at least not in this way, in the old show this new show is a springboard.

This also helps This episode uses its more directly escalated medium than previous stories. It’s like, oh yeah, when you’re drawing a show that’s meant to be watched by adults during late night hours, you can have a character die suddenly and be impaled on a branch as a turn. Of course, I’m not saying that is essentially mature

, and/or thus better than its Sunday morning ancestor; I just Acknowledging and appreciating this series as it thinks it does the most with the hands it handles itself. If you’re trying to sell me a murder mystery that shocks me with the kind of murder I wouldn’t have expected from this series, it’s a great hook, and in such an exciting episode, they subtly Use that moment to transform into a sweet suit to fight in this snowy environment. We can see W’s HeatJoker’s flames melt the icy areas around them and interact explosively with the alcohol-derived power of this latest dopant – a clever design to keep us connected.

also seems to have neatly kept its broader overall plot going. The Big Bad owner of Aurora Memory, who calls himself Kanamori here, introduced himself to our paired PI, and hinted that he would prefer to be involved in this otherwise isolated mystery. As Terui (still underused at this point in the episode) says at the beginning of the episode, at this point in the story, Kaze is building something bigger and he wants to intersect with Shotaro and Philip and Compare notes. I guess, there’s another day of development where having Tokime in the final arc with Shotaro and Philip typical of just having her wait off-stage at the start of the next story just feels a little underwhelming.

but even with separation Anxiety, it’s also cool to get a chance to focus on Shotaro and Philip to really work as a duo. Seeing them side-by-side illustrates their different approaches to analysis, such as how Shotaro’s understanding of cultural context allowed him to understand what happened to Mr. Kagino at this little masquerade ball in his mansion, while Philip’s rote basics couldn’t. Do this to catch. It reminds us that, yes, these two are skilled, impressive detectives, and that the people of the house are amused by their presence, at least for the sake of the story, and keep them lingering for a while. Granted, many other plot elements have been introduced to give this marriage-management murder mystery a slightly artificial feel, and the locations and customs are clearly designed to set the premise of the story. But the best mystery novels are about the interest in these mysteries, not the detailed world-building. So far, several of the players involved, especially the masked suitors (one of whom died), feel a bit shallow from here, but we’ll see how it expands as the plot develops. For now, at least Philip admits how messy the whole setup is, and how clearly unhealthy everyone involved is. Maybe it’s just me finally Accepted and adapted to the rhythm

is executing its story, but this Still feels like the most powerful arc intro. It really feels like in this different situation can An expanded format of what to do and show, while also being one of the most effective introductions to mystery stories. The basics of the latter make these things applicable to the average anime audience following the show, which is appropriate since the strong genre base is made W so effective “starter” Rider shows all those years ago. More than showing off familiar locations or trotting characters repeating their catchphrase, it’s this approach that shows how the anime “gets it” in keeping with the authenticity of its source material legacy.


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