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FUUTO PI – Episode 10

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Episode opens up a new storyline that finally brings the focus back Tokime, though it’s definitely better done in rhythm: the character just mentions it casually to us, then flashbacks to the fact that Philip was able to decode her shattered Gaia memory, revealing it’s the same as Shotaro’s main attribute – the Joker. It was a very sudden release that made me briefly wonder if I missed an episode or something. But this is definitely a situation that needs to be prepared according to for this plot) A rigid plot rhythm structure, because while Tokime’s memory and its powers may have influenced how things play out, right now it’s just a background detail that would prompt her to commit to the right case for the story. “Working hard to help others help you forget about your problems” is the philosophy that really got her and Shotaro away, which is in line with our expected detective values ​​ W


Once we start, this becomes A pretty good start to this story. It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Tokime actually play Shotaro’s sidekick, which she’s supposed to have been since that introductory story, so adding the promise of digging into her past hinted at at the end of the previous arc is promising of. So, getting her back to Shadow Wind Fight is an effective way to get her to that point. It’s interesting to see her reaction to this place because “why would anyone come here?”. For those of us in the audience, the answer is to enjoy the funny cameos of dopants from old reality shows (Beasts! Candy! Triceratops!), but for Tokime or Rentaro themes, things are decidedly less interesting. Investigation of this episode, we see being attacked by Brachiosaurus at the beginning of the episode.

Exploring Shadow with Tokime Fuuto and her own past are that the location’s hostility to her reaction and driving the rest of the episode isn’t particularly conducive to this development. Frustratingly, Tokime’s efforts to allow Shotaro, Philip, and Terui into the area were due to her being actually dragged into the position of a teenage girl in a story purportedly showing her. Of course, this is only the first episode of this story, and things will eventually work out somewhere, which may lead to better intrigues and efforts for Tokime, so I’m still looking forward to it. But given the cunning of doing anything with Tokime from the start, It’s still in the notification.

Not that​ ​I can be pissed about this series going on for a while when everything else about this episode seems so strong, with few unanswered structural issues. After the unique murder mystery angle of the last chapter, it’s good to be back to the more standard client request format of the Narumi Detective Agency staff. The whole premise is laid out in an effective, pragmatic way, which nicely outlines the story of Shadow Fengdou and Shimeo’s involvement, without crowding things out too much with various details of their own. A slight mystery reveal pays off in this episode alone, due to the assumption that the intimidating suspect Nikaidou is the large Brachiosaurus dopant we glimpsed earlier, just to turn him into a lowly ambitious The beast acts as a reactor. It’s simple, but it fits with the plot of the shadow Fuuto and the real Brachiosaurus finally showing Tokime its own plot to really sell the whole situation of this spooky city and the organization behind it than our heroes ever imagined. Bigger is worse. Also, Reactor’s design is really cool, I’m not looking at

show to not

enjoy morbid Kaykin Design.

even with some front The mentioned bit of unreliability causes it, and reaching the climax of Shadow Fuuto’s character feels very effective. No weird decompression bothering before the start of some arcs, this one really looks like an actual

the rhythm and structure of the plot, and convey the style, the style We expected the finishing touches from that huge toku action. We’ve had some great fights so far at , but I find the W and Accel vs Reactor fight to be a particularly strong showing. The demo works well with the heat element embodied by the monster and W’s HeatMetal form, with animations able to show off things like the melted knight suit itself. This detail combined with the music and the overall energy of the animation shown really sells the struggle

All of this. Reactor even shows off what only the worst bad guys can do in a classic way, by Don’t sell not just one, but TWO FINAL ATTACK! This all leads to A very strong start, even compensatory for a few questionable choices, for this story plot. That’s promising, as this appears to be the last of the season. Obviously I don’t want to get too far ahead, but what can I say, I like to be optimistic about the series I’m so close and dear to me, and this anime generally gives me reason to stay true to its execution. As a viewer and a fan, I’m really looking forward to what this will turn out to be.


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