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FUUTO PI – Episode 11

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Even an extremely episodic story feels like has come a long way in the penultimate episode of the season. It’s expressed in simple terms like Road Dopant, the first enemy in the series, brought back as the mass-produced mook that our hero takes on at this stage. And it’s shown in symbolic forms, like Shotaro and Terui getting them back to the dock from Shadow Fuuto’s ejection, and Shotaro has been taking selfies at the start of the show. The circles are closing and the characters are moving around on their journeys, and I can only hope that we’re really going to be in a situation where, by the time this is all over, somehow, it won’t be the same again. Expected key indicator It’s Tokime. She barely gets all the action this week, as much of the first half of the episode is still dominated by a massive melee starring Kamen Rider W and Accel, but she’s certainly not inactive either. Also, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants Tokime to finish her own henshin at some point in the story, and I know I might can Looking forward to what the comics prophesied about the future, but hey, spoilers. At least here she ended up taking a cool shot at some enemies with her stag phone. No, the main point of Shimoku is that even though Shotaro and Philip were trying to save her from Shadow Fudo, she didn’t do a terrible job of saving herself, along with the present Rentaro, proving herself to be a strong person with Principled detectives in training. Of course, get there It didn’t go well. The main obstacle Tokime dealt with in this episode was the boy behind the Brachiosaurus dopant revealed at the end of last week’s episode. It turns out that the kid is a real job, and subjecting Tokime to a gruesome, mind-controlled striptease is absolutely the most uncomfortable thing depicts its pursuit of production

Suitable for adults. Thankfully, Tokime actually manages to reinvent herself in this situation, seemingly deploying her own mind-controlling eyes on Brachio kid and letting her escape, but there’s still some unprovoked screeching. Tokime Preferencefanservice Pranks work better when they’re cheeky and funny, not cruel and tragic. Having said that, I understand the intent behind this portrayal. Between the attitude of the Brachiosaurus boys and what our riders learned from Reactor Dopants about their use of the road and the Shadow Fuuto, everything was arranged to make this new group of villains really as reprehensible as possible. They are a group of blatant sadists who have been secretly eating citizens in order to expand their criminal career! Usually this kind of thing is just to make our heroes more satisfying to beat these bad guys, but in this case it also helps to complicate the internal portrayal of Tokime. If she was ever gay with a villain of this level, what was she as a person? Does that mean she deserves to be the kind of caring, helpful detective she’s currently trying to be?

Of course it’s always been about the idea that someone can come from an apparently evil origin, If they want, they can still set it right now but go forever. Tokime’s determination apparently overcame her consternation at the past as the episode ran, and was able to jump in to save Rentaro as she did. This is also reflected in Shotaro’s trust in her, which we see strengthened as he no longer blames himself for not being able to rescue her, but instead focuses on him can do. He continues his investigation, effectively cooperating with Tokime’s efforts, even when their communications are separate, which speaks to the kind of synchronised relationship we’ve seen him enjoy with Philip throughout. As far as Shotaro and the others were concerned, Tokime had already proved that she definitely belonged to them, no matter what her past with this Shadow Wind Fighter was. This revelation Any returns are left for the next week of this story’s presumptive ending (though obviously I’m definitely not arguing with season two). Everything else here was filled with that scramble in the first half. While W’s first main shot against Reactor was a bit stiff and overly long, at least we got a whole new weapon combo out of it. Gotta find a way to sell those toys. However, once our hero actually started hitting the road, things popped up at last week’s level. It’s really selling at the ridiculous scale it’s currently operating on, in line with the above idea of ​​how far things have gone Easier start. Then as things wind down in the second half of the episode, it does a great job of showing how determined all the characters are to find them and use the power of that positivity to help clients and drive the mystery out. That’s a true measure of the detective Shotaro taught Tokime through this endeavor, so it’s perfect for her to show that in the show’s final scene.


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