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FUUTO PI – Episode 4

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After setting Tokime as an actor based primarily on her interactions with Shotaro, it was easy The next step in predicting ‘s to-do list will be to develop her and Kamen Rider W’s other half Philip’s relationship. That’s technically how things started this week, pitting the newest member of Narumi’s detective agency and its functioning brains against each other, presumably, once this storyline wraps up, some sort of comprehension solution is reached. The show notes that Philip honestly should be able to sympathize with Tokime’s amnesia, since it’s not too far from his own origins, but the conflict appears to be largely down to two stubborn oddballs who don’t want to go the extra mile to get to know each other. Although I know I’m not the only one who interprets Philip’s worries about Tokime as his fear that she will steal his “partner” Shotaro from him. Look, the authors of W know what they are doing, just because Shotaro Now having a dedicated lady love won’t stop me from shipping the 2-in-1 detective together. To continue building however , in this series, business with Tokime and Philip is pretty much just a backdrop for the episode. It appears in several scenes (especially the main component of the fight at the end of the episode), but hasn’t really been explored in depth or elaborated in a way that integrates with the plot. Heck, Tokime does reach a turning point in this episode and needs to understand the importance of putting the client first, something Shotaro taught her and not related to her running conflict with Philip! It makes the whole exercise mostly mandatory, setting up these communication issues between the characters to symbolically resolve Tokime finally receiving her own Stag Phone, which we can see Philip building. As with most of the negatives to be aware of in so far, it Already down for that deliberate pacing, this show just makes us wait for it to get to where we can judge it’s going. So apart from distraction Besides, what else for us this week? Another solid little setup for Monster Mysteries, and in true modern stunt fashion, there’s a lot going on. I’ll state in advance that I’m a big fan of compulsive role-playing game developer Moriguchi’s new clientele. Even I disagree with the idea that she’s just effectively dressing up in her ridiculous game character icon outfit – her “regular” look is adorable! Despite all her struggles within the company, it’s great to see Shotaro and Akiko have a lot of sympathy for her on everything. Just when I thought everything Moriguchi was going to be a little too much for gimmicks, Akiko went straight to the way they act like a “black company”, showing that this story takes that angle more into consideration than I initially thought. Another one The mystery is just beginning, the writing is definitely what wanted We doubt the production Himanajima, because he conveniently disappeared before the monster attacked. But this series, like any good mystery, likes to play with our expectations, so it’s best not to get too speculative.

Instead, most of it feels like

Just showing off and having a good time lining up the latest creations. Despite its live-action origins, the series is without a doubt an absolute anime

so far anime, so we get crazy indulgences like Moriguchi’s magical girl makeover sequence, or the half-ass music show that puts some of the season’s dedicated idol shows to shame. One tradeoff of putting so much work into these parts involving Moriguchi is that this week’s knight action parts feel a little stiff by comparison, and the memory-triggering gunfight abilities are fairly straightforward to deploy.

This is the series Another thing that appears to be “showing off” is wrapping up this week: showing more details on W’s various gadgets and abilities for those newbies in the audience who might still be wondering what all these little robotic animals are. Part of it is to make sure we get the background information on Tokime’s aforementioned upcoming phone, sure, but it’s hard not to see it as another instance that’s been around for a long time tradition of selling toys. When you let the mysterious Aurora Dopant pop up just for a monologue to want to see the W in all its cool forms, half of you want the pre-order link for the new CSM W driver they sell to appear directly on the screen. Having said that, it still lives up to the usual intent of keeping the anime – only Audiences know this stuff, and they’ll even provide some world-developing information on new, stronger types of dopants (ridiculously called “high doses”) to provide more ongoing mystery and make sure we’re still Will see our heroes go head to head with this week’s monsters. So far it’s been a bit like experience: equal parts seriously, Fun effort, and somewhat awkward mechanical setup.


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