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Fuuto PI Manga on stage this winter

Toei announced on Monday,

The manga is being adapted into a stage play.

STAGE will be held in Tokyo and Osaka at the end of December 2017 to January 2017.

The show’s initial cast includes Masanari Wada

as Shotaro Hidari, and Tsubasa Kizu as Philip (pictured above).

Nobuhiro Mori is directing the stage play and writing the script with the original manga author Nishi Junto

Riku Sanjō supervised the script. Nakagawa Kotaro and Naruse Shuhei — Who is the live-action version of W (pronounced “double”) series and Anime – is composing music for the stage play. Toei Producer Tsukada Hideaki is a stage play

The manga is

of the sequel project W series . Sanjo was a key writer on the original series, responsible for the manga’s script. Masaki Satou () is drawing manga. The manga was published in the magazine of Shogakukan in August 190211 .

Toei Description Manga:

FUUTO is protected by Shotaro and Philip, but a bizarre incident Constantly on the other side of the city. The mysterious beauty Tokihime appears, and a new demon casts a shadow on the Windy City.
Kamen Rider W A new battle begins

of The anime premiered on Tokyo MX channel on August 8, but first In U-NEXT service at midnight on August 1st. Crunchyroll is streaming animations in “North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East and CIS”.

Anime Project Commemoration


Anniversary .

W series to air from September to August 11 as the first No. was performed during the Heisei period in Japan. The play is played by Kiriyama Ren as Hidari Shotaro and Suda Masaki as his friend Philip.

2017Photo © Produced by “The STAGE” Committee

Source: Press Release



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