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Gabrielle Zevin believes games show people who they really are

This is what I want to explore with Solution. Also just wondering: what can enterprising undergrads in 1995 do? What’s the other side of that game? The technology that runs through the book is the driving force. I spend a long time looking at the top 20 games of any given year. Just to understand what people were playing at the time and what games could do.

Feels like the trauma of playing games that Sadie has experienced Vanguard. This is a reminder of the healing value of play. Do you think so too?

I have. I remember playing Stardew Valley for the first time during the pandemic and being so impressed with one’s success, which was great, but also had that feeling that you can In which to gain peace a virtual world that may not exist in the real world. It has this feeling, This world is beautiful. It may not be real, but it is beautiful.

This is so funny because, to me, Pioneers are also thinking about what they call a “muddy movie”, In this kind of movie, you have some kind of crazy lesbian affair. I think it’s interesting that if you tell people something is a game, they don’t necessarily see it in some way as an art film.

I believe this possibility is used for real human relationships in virtual space. I also believe that a virtual version of myself is probably the best and most authentic version of myself. If you look at Sam’s character, I think he’s uncomfortable with his body. I don’t think he feels comfortable as a human.

We are not necessarily the worst selves behind the avatar mask, although it often looks like if we were. People think we’ve solved all our problems somehow, but the truth is, we’re just babies and toddlers when it comes to all of them. We haven’t figured out the best way to be a good citizen, a good person online, and that’s okay. Because all this stuff is still young.

For Sam, the virtual world provides an escape from the judgment he feels he is being judged for by his identity.

I mean, a body that doesn’t work perfectly. I think as a game character, or in the game, he feels more at home than in his life. I think some people are like that.

All right. Well, those are the questions I have to ask. Thank you so much for talking to me.

If I could leave you an idea. People often ask, “Why talk about games?” But the reason for talking about games is that they are a preview of a lot of things to come. If you look at something like Roblox, you get a small preview of what the metaverse looks like. If you look at things like Facebook and Farmville you get a sense of how powerful games are actually because most people who play games aren’t necessarily 14- — Old Boys on Fortnite. That’s why, as a theme, video games are so powerful because I think they’re in everyone’s life.

I totally agree.

I mean, one of the most effective ways to get people’s data is probably to watch them play games – especially those that don’t People who know they’re playing. But the real reason I’m drawn to the game is because it’s a magnet-like theme, like a big bowl. If you look at games from the past 30 years, you see the history of almost everything, as well as the history of being an artist and a citizen. I guess what I like about games as a theme is that it encompasses all themes – it’s a big one.

contains all previous media etc.

They have it all. We all live at the intersection of art and technology. That’s where games come to life, in a way that’s very easy to see.



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