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GAGA Corporation Establishes New Anime Media Division

Image via GAGA’s Facebook page

GAGA Corporation announced on Thursday that it has reorganized its anime-related business organization and created a new Anime Media Division, alongside the Contents Division and Distribution Division. The new Anime Media Division aims to promote diversification through a multi-portfolio strategy.

The Anime Media Division is divided into two groups: the Anime Business Group and the Media Contents Business Group. The Anime Business Group will now take over the functions of the Anime Business Office, which has been in charge of GAGA Corporation‘s anime business until now. The Media Contents Business Group will take over the functions of the Distribution Division’s new business group.

GAGA Corporation‘s Representative Director, President and CEO Tatsumi Yoda will serve as manager of the Anime Media Division, and also as Content Business Manager. Tetsuaki Terada is Anime and Media Division’s Deputy General Manager, and the group leader for both Anime Business Group and Media Contents Business Group. Akiko Inoue, who was the head of the Anime Business Department, will concurrently serve as acting group leader of the Anime Business Group.

GAGA Communications was founded in 1986, and primarily distributes smaller and indie titles in Japan, including Western films and anime films. T.Y. Limited acquired a majority stake in the company in July 2009, and the company changed its name to GAGA Corporation in September of the same year. The company has produced and distributed such anime titles as , , , , , , , and . It has also distributed such live-action films as Battle Royale, , and . Most recently, it has released P.A. Works‘ original anime film , and distributed Polygon Pictures and Goro Taniguchi‘s CG anime film, as well as the upcoming two-part anime film adaptation of Inio Asano‘s manga.

On November 20, Japanese entertainment company GENDA (Global Entertainment Network for Dreams and Aspirations) acquired 78.05% controlling stake of GAGA Corporation.

Source: Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)



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