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Game 'better', 'more action' on first day of new rules

There are new rules on the first day, the game better, ‘ With MORE ACTIONS

Like many new eras, a new era in baseball has arrived. There’s a lot of intrigue and a little awkwardness. Some excitedly embraced, others exasperatedly objected, and it was ultimately concluded that the game — and the world — would indeed go on.

It’s spring training, so- like that Show “Whose Lines?” – Races don’t count, running doesn’t matter. So, what better time to adapt the league as a whole to the most ambitious rule change in modern history?

• MLB Rules Change2023

The first full game roster, including pitch timer, defensive transfer restrictions and bigger bases arrived in the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues Saturday, and as promised, games are fast and law enforcement Also very strict.

“You’ll feel the difference,” Brewers manager Craig Counsell said, “Without a doubt.”

All involved are warned, about following the rules. So a game between the Red Sox and Braves in North Port, Florida, ended in the bottom of the ninth inning (the score was tied because the teams had no intention of using extra men for overtime) when Braves infielder Carl Conley At-bat with bases loaded, two outs and full count, no alert pitcher before the 8-second mark on the pitch timer and is therefore evaluated as an automatic hit.

Strikeout behind.

game over.

• All your questions about the new baseball rules answered

“These are the things that tell you why we start now This,” Warriors general manager Brian Snitek said. “You never know what’s going to happen. That example in there tells you what’s going to happen.”

There will be plenty of teachable moments this exhibition season, and hopefully opening day will iron out most of the wrinkles. The new rules were tested in the minor leagues last season, and 53% of the minor leagues League players surveyed said it took them a month or less to adjust. Pitching timer violations are counted from the first week per game 1. 40 Timing The time per game is 0 by week 6. 39 .

• Players, managers on new action in action Rule reacts

“Once everyone gets used to Alright,” said Angels catcher Matt Thaiss, “it’s ‘s going to relax a little, everyone
all started a bit back to normal, but with tone clock.”

If anything, after the first two days of the game, the prevailing opinion is that some pitchers are guilty of overcompensating by working too quickly for the clock.

“We think the pitchers are sprinting, you know , and then they are in Seconds and nines instead of taking your time,” Red Sox manager Alex Cora said. “There don’t worry. “

• Learn more about how the new rules will work

Reds rookie Brandon Williamson, who is on the pitch timer The experienced Minor noticed that the on-field timing coordinator operated the timer more consistently than he was used to in Saturday’s major league game against the Guardians.

” In Triple-A, there are many times I think The clock, for whatever reason, started too early or started too early or too late,” Williamson said. “I thought it was really stable today. I hope the rest of the year is like that.”

Position players are also adjusting.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but Before, I used to walk slowly from the circle on the deck to home plate,” Blue Jays superstar Vladimir Guerrero Jr. told reporters. “However, I’m trying to catch up with time right now, so I’m going faster. This gives me more time to prepare.”



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