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Game of the Week – We want to quote Luca Blight and/or M. Bison, but that sounds too Edgelord-y

Hello everyone! We played right after the Tokyo Game Show and two punches of Nintendo Direct and Sony State, so it was time we prepared Autumn and summer are relaxing together.

I just wanted to say it was really heartwarming to see all the discussions on the forums last week. Makes me happy to know that I have something exciting for you. I thank you for reading this far! That being said, a lot of people were ahead of the discussion last week when it came to some of the announcements. Trust me, I totally want to cover that stuff, but we already have a monster of a column that we’ll have to cut off at some point – otherwise the column will come out on Saturday and it’s going to be a whole-length book. Additionally, we’ve prepared a guide to this week’s fall comics preview. As you can imagine, I don’t have much time to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3 — or really, any game. Welcome to the world of adults talking about video games: sometimes, the games you talk about can’t be played~!

This is Game of the Week .

Blue Bomber is back SEPARATE

THIS IS NEWSCAPCOM announced just after our deadline last week , so people were talking about it on the forums and I can only talk about it Now. This is very close to me: CAPCOM is actually making Mega Man: Battle Network Legacy Collection!

I never thought I would live to see this day. was criticized by many Mega Man old blood in the early days’s. Many fans were unhappy with this “”-style Mega Man and its many reimaginings of the classic robot master. Their isolation on the GameBoy Advance was just a further insult to the harm – people really liked handhelds back then. At the same time, a whole generation of Mega Man fans have sprung up for the game after Battle Network . With the support of

Mega Man: NT Warrior anime also aired on Kids WB, we are all introduced To Lan and his digital partner Net Navi Mega Man.EXE. I; The redesign of Mega Man and his mate Net Navis has all the best tokusatsu condiments, just like his various styles and his Like the Soul Cross, so do all of Mega Man’s fancy power-ups. That Battle Network will also continue to cross over with my beloved Boktai series and introduce the damn badass Sol Cross form – of course, we never see Battle Network in any US version of the game, because by then, Konami has given up Boktai . These games are RPGs rather than platformers, which also complicates things.

But someone at CAPCOM decided “Crazy!” Here we go! Fans can look forward to a collection of ten Battle Network games. It’s technically only six games, but CAPCOM counts the variations between each title as its own; from Battle Network 3 starts, every Battle Network game has – style “version” Net Navi encounters, battle chips and forms . Sadly, Mega Man: Battle Chip Challenge is not included in the set; it is a spin-off of the series with its own unique combat system. It’s not great , but seeing the previous Mega Man series include weird spinoffs , such as Battle And Chase or The Power Battles, I want this set to be complete. Oddly enough, they also don’t include the Mega Man: Star Force series, which is basically the updated Mega Man: Battle Network formula on Nintendo DS. Considering that the Mega Man Zero series also includes ZX games, I’ll keep some hope — Maybe they’ll be in another group later? Also no Mega Man: Network Transmission,Battle Network recursive adaptation of the game becomes a classic Mega Man style side scrolling platformer. The last one, as I recall, was bogged down by rights issues, so its absence made more sense. As for the goodies, we can expect online battles and chip deals. Congratulations: Battle Chip Challenge Except, this is everything you want Battle Network collect. They also included an obligatory ugly filter that smoothes out the pixels in the game; it’s ugly, and I hate those filters. They never look good, not even once. Please stop, game developers. You make the game look like finger painting.

The last point of the fanservice is really cute, it shows to likes CAPCOM Favorites:

CAPCOM got a cheeky little 3D Megaman.EXE chatting with you on the title screen for favorites! On top of that, CAPCOM digs deep – a move that gives lot the ‘ children are very happy, CAPCOM actually caught up with Andrew Francis so he can voice over in NT Warrior All those years ago! exist After that, he did sound a lot years older, but it was still him. It makes me happy to see this love and effort put into this series. As I said before, I have very fond memories of playing Battle Network with my best friend in high school. Hearing Francis’ voice just makes everything better.

Of course, all these Legacy collections compile the classics, X, Zero and ZX and nowBattle Network title, problem Still around: The most elusive Mega Man spin-off, Mega Man Legends ? Fans It’s been a while since

Mega Man Legends 3’s brutal handling still gives many Blue Bombers fans hope. It would be fair enough if we never see saga 3 (as bitter as it sounds, I think there are “too many” people laughing at there Mega Man sequel in ‘s Not Worth the Legend 3 — If you hate the sequel, you can go back and play the original Mega Man). But now is the perfect time for Legends to come back. A Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection includes two numbered titles, and The unfortunate event of Tron Bonne ? Sign me up! For now, though, let’s let Mega Man.EXE enjoy itself. It’s been too long for the little guy. Looking forward to seeing this on PlayStation, Switch and Steam.

Konami did a good job, local In-game this week Writer stares out the window to confirm the world is not over – Plus, Suikoden Collection

Among the many seriesKonami Satisfied with leaving on the side of the road , few miss more than Suikoden series. Adapted from the Chinese novel Water Margin (also known as Swamp Warrior ), the series tells the story of the grand The story of an epic war and hopeful idealists who are ready to end it, and who are tasked to reunite the legendary 90 Stars of Destiny – chosen warriors destined to bring peace to the land. Not all of them are fighting, and many Destiny Stars have opened up interesting features in your home base, but in an ever-expanding world, everyone has their own story to tell. It’s also the series that brings Luca Blight to the world – quite possibly one of the most evil, terrifying, and vile villains in JRPGs. Think DIO voiced by Tomokazu Seki. The first two Suikoden titles are the most popular. Not that and beyond are bad, but the first two were bold new experiences when they released on PS1, plus a nifty save feature, which Games from the first can be imported into the second. It’s been a long time since they were available in the US! Heck, back in the PSP days, people were bitter that the US never got the PSP Suikoden port. Konami In a stunning performance…not the worst, announcing that America will finally right these wrongs. Suikoden is coming back to America!

Titled Suikoden I&II HD Remaster: Gate Rune and Dunan Reunification Wars , this group brings these two titles to the HD era. While they’re not in HD-2D style like the recent Live-A-Live remakes (thinking about what that would look like), they’re really perfect Luxurious 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds. The 3D looks a bit sparse, but it’s exactly the sprites we’re here for: their stylish fighting moves have never looked so good.

A lot of fans are wondering where the later Suikoden titles are, and I won’t lie: those games are definitely worth it Take another look. While

isn’t as good as its predecessor, it’s still a worthy JRPG. Suikoden IV seems to have a fascinating navy theme, and Suikoden V in 2022 When hating JRPGs became popular. Suikoden Tactics tries to turn the game into a strategy series (it’s in Suikoden V, but we’re in The last title seen on the Nintendo DS was Suikoden Tierkreis. Many of them were ignored for some reason Well, it would be great if all of them had a second chance. But now, we’ve had generations of people who never got a chance to play the original – there’s never been a better time.

and Konami just… kind of weird to release them? Like, no ‘ ta “monkey’s paw” to any this. No forced gacha Elements, no random thugs popping into your lap, no pinball machines…it’s just a straight remaster of the first two Suikoden The game, it’s coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Steam 2022. Kind of scary: it’s undeniably the first good thingKonami has been doing this for a long time. People are sure we’ve seen the last of Suikoden, so we even have one on the way that ends with in the form of spiritual successor) Eiyuden Chronicle . I guess sometimes you

can win…

Ayo, speaking of Eiyuden Chronicles…

Intended as a spiritual substitute for Suikoden, a la Bloodstained About , Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes will be another epic JRPG with cast 25 Role Go to war to save their kingdom. The tile is still in development, but it turns out we’re getting prequels to help us through. That prequel is… an adventure game?

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rising is not a JRPG, but a 2D side-scrolling action RPG. Playing as three adventurers (one of them is a kangaroo, you have to learn to handle it to roll with the cool kids), you explore the carts near the village of Podunk to discover what will be the main Eiyuden Chronicles The main plot of the game. Combat looks fun, like the faster-paced Odin Sphere , and a fun mechanic, and venturing into the cart can help you improve your hometown. It’s all about getting us through until the proper Eiyuden Chronicles release, but it still looks interesting. Now, just wait for Hundred Heroes to be released…

Free Planet 2 is finally released!

SEGA – my apologist, I love the original

Free Planet . A homage to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog style old mascot platformer (full Blast Processing-esque speed and looping), it absolutely succeeds in capturing that enchanting of00-bit style and aesthetic. You can see a lot of its roots in Sonic the Hedgehog fan games (the protagonist Lilac looks eerily like a long-haired hedgehog, and Lord Brevin’s The eyebrows bring Dr. Egghead’s eyebrows to remind). But there’s still a lot of creativity… albeit with its own fair share of issues. Still, the team at Galaxy Trails worked hard to get another bite of that apple, and as of last week, their efforts paid off: Free Planet 2 finally came out in Steam and!



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