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Game of the Week – What would 2B look like if she was in the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon?

Welcome back, everyone! A bit of a slow week, but as summer moves into fall, we can all use simple transitions. I hope everyone on the East Coast is staying safe from all the recent storms.

As far as I’m concerned, I can’t play much Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but the game I’m definitely going to play makes me think a lot of! Last week I introduced the Nintendo Switch port for ANN, unfortunately not very well. I had hoped to like it (I’d give it a shot), but that game was rough. It’s a real shame that it screwed up its own open world concept and writing – and doing so makes me appreciate what Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has achieved .

Xenoblade Chronicles isn’t immune to casting some very, very bland protagonists (I’d be lying if I said Rex was Any kind of “memorable”), but it at least gives them a lot of emotional issues to chew on: while Rex exists primarily to respond to the development of Pyra and Mythra, and as a muscle to help them achieve their goals , but he still feels (mostly) comprehensive. The game wins his emotional development (barely): we see why his friends are important to him, we see how shocked he is when his intentions are questioned.

Kirito Swordartonlinealicizationlicoricestick… I don’t understand. His friendship with Eugeo never seeps through, so we have to take the game’s word for it when we’re told they’re friends. He meets a lot of people he can throw in, but most of them just really play a role in driving the plot forward, so the game can’t bother to do a lot of things, but instead emphasize whether the characters are sympathetic or hostile to Kirito. Just “it’s good for Kirito” or “it’s not good for Kirito” and “don’t ask why this kid hugs Kirito, he is a brave and selfless loving father and husband.” Also, in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 After implementing the gacha system for Blades, It feels bad to have a paid loot system The player gets a penny there.

I have other questions, but you can read my opinion in my comment, I just wanted to squeeze some Xenoblade so you don’t think I’m slack in my Xenoblade duties. We will win this game together! Hopefully before Xenoblade Chronicles X is ported!

This is Game of the Week .

Blue Bomber maliciously shut down old PSP classic bookPowered Up

Last week, We reported that the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will be released next year. This week, we have even sadder news about a beloved Mega Man title: PSP Classic Mega Man: Power Up will come after Shut down its server year.

Mega Man: Powered Up released on PSP with Mega Man Maverick Hunter X . The two are remakes of the first Mega Man title and Mega Man X . They both offer a lot of remakes: Maverick Hunter X with 3D graphics and the ability to play as Vile (he has his own abilities and weapons separate from X). Mega Man: Powered Up, on the other hand, is full of new goodies: two new robot masters, Time and Oil Man, have been added to the game for Playing rounds knocks out its boss to the traditional eight later Mega Man titles instead of just six. (I remember the IDW Mega Man comics cheekily calling Time/Oil Man “power up” compared to the original Robot Master.) Speaking of Robot Master: You Instead of their weaponized weaknesses, each of them can be unlocked as playable characters by defeating them with the Mega Buster. Each has unique abilities that not only make them play differently (Cut Man can kick walls like X in later games, Bomb Man can aim his bombs in a way that Mega Man can’t) but also gives access to each Hidden secret areas of each stage (all of which are exclusive to Mega Man: Powered Up). The volume is downloadable and she has a full 02 Unique outfits – one for every month of the year. Most importantly: Mega Man: Powered Up has stage creator mode, a few years ago Mario Maker is flickering in anyone’s eyes. You can unlock level components by playing through the game (or poking around in the hidden areas of the level, which you can only access as one of the Robot Masters), and then share them online with people around the world.

years is how long it takes to keep a server up for any game – big games last less! Part of what makes it so incredible is that Mega Man: Powered Up didn’t actually do that well in the first place! It was well received by critics, but fans were so lukewarm about the game that it sold poorly. It’s a perfect storm: it’s 338, in which Mega Man becomes Whipped Boy for “too many sequels”; the game takes the already very lively and charming Mega Man , and made it even cuter with chibi character designs (for regular PSP fans, a must’ I’ve been paining to see – here’s me playing the world for them on the smallest violin). It’s on the PSP, and while the PSP has a great set of software, it’s still a handheld device, and people in America have never had a crush on portable gaming — at least not until the DS. Also, this is a anime game, and 2012 must have been around the time Americans started breaking out hives in games that used primary colors. Even more pity: Inafune plans to pass the rest of the Mega Man and Mega Man X series and follow the Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X remakes of them. I can’t claim its effectiveness, but I remember seeing the key art of the Powered Up redesign planned for all Robot Masters, and each one was excellent. As for Maverick Hunter X , well, it will definitely be interesting to see the story modes of subsequent villains in the series, like X-Hunters or Bit and Byte. And the new graphics and voice tracks will do wonders for some later PlayStation based games like Mega Man X4.

The good news is that the fans have developed a tool to download the current power-up level to your PC. I’ll let you guys track that down. Otherwise, Powered Up will dim in November 21. Alas, we don’t know what we have…

Local ANN writers are finally educated Readers Where did the Old Meme-GIF come from; also, the new Magical Drop is coming to NintendoSwitch

If you’ve been online long enough, chances are you’ve seen this old GIF:


Over the decades, GIFs have been recolored and edited into all kinds of generic ads for dirty websites. It turns out: it’s from a video game! It’s not even a porn game! It is from the Magical Drop series. Originally created by Data-East (you may know them as creators of Joe and Mac), Magical Drop is a mix of Puzzle Bobble and Super Puzzle Fighters: gems fall from the ceiling, Then you shoot the lined up gems in the falling pile. Combinations of three or more similarly colored gems disappear, and you can set up combos and chains to send distractions to your opponents and earn points as bonuses. this is very simple. Magical Drop’s conceit is that the character is named after the Major Arcana in the tarot; Miss Boob Ribbon is the world there, since Magical Drop II has been a fixture in the series since (by the way, the GIF is from Magic Drop III). These games were brought to the US in some capacity; Magical Drop V was once on

Steam available on . Keyword: “was”, which is apparently in some seriously unplayable state and hasn’t been sold for a while.

But no more! Now Magical Drop (and World) will be back to America via Magical Drop VI!

On the surface, it looks It’s simple: it has battle, puzzle mode, and about 21 playable characters (including the world, which you should be very familiar with by now). A move that should be borrowed from the recent Puzzle Bobble, the game’s sound effects seem to be classic flickering and sparkling, and it’s a fascinating read. Also, the crystals look beautiful. One thing I didn’t like about the animation: the character portraits (and the clown at the bottom of the screen) reproduced the layered sprites of the classic 2D puzzle game, but not very well. I don’t know how all those old sprite-based puzzle games made those big, layered sprites look so easy and good, but Live2D Really didn’t put the mustard in that. Developers: Come on, sprite animators are still around, and the extra effort and expense of hiring them is worth it.

Will Magical Drop VI work? Well, as far as Magical Drop fans are concerned, if the game is at least playable, they’ll consider it a win . Hopefully Magical Drop VI will wash away the bad taste of its predecessors when it releases this winter.

Games on TV: and Ominusha (yes, I know, weird) get an anime adaptation

Well, this is a new one. It’s not every day that high-profile video games get animated adaptations — and Arcane tend to be Exceptions in a very, very big ocean like DOTA animations aren’t that great, isn’t that great Anime, not so great series…etc. Of course, sometimes you get and sometimes you get (I still like it even though I know It’s rough – real people know how bad Maggun is). You’d expect great games to be great anime, but that doesn’t always happen! They did try but it didn’t really work. Meanwhile, Arcane managed to trick people into trying League of Legends (and quickly reminded them why they didn’t Don’t play in the first place), while makes people do some drastic historical revisionism to cyberpunk :2077 disastrous production and launch status.

The game was made under an unbearably crunch, except for two franchises, animation adaptations announced in the past Week. The first one is exciting!

it is Japanese animation! A modern post-apocalyptic classic based on



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