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'Game of Thrones' beats 'Dragon House' on streaming charts

Logo text streamers spent a lot of time on the Game of Thrones universe in the week following House of the Dragon’s premiere — but more on the parent series than the prequels. Game of Thrones topped the series charts for the week of August and was third among all games. […]

House of the Dragon

Steve Toussaint in House of the Dragon HBO

Streaming users in

Game of Thrones spent a lot of time on the universe for the next weekDragon House’s premiere — but more of a parent series than a prequel.

Game of Thrones won Series leaderboard – No. 3 of all titles – during the week of August 22-12 and890 Millions of minutes watched on HBO Max. House of the Dragon on the heels of its premiere night million minutes watched all week 770 million, Much of it is bound to catch up on the first episode. Nielsen’s streaming rankings run for a week from Monday to Sunday, meaning that streaming of the second episode in August is only a few hours’ worth. 12 is part of the total.

still, Dragon House yes The first currently-running show to top the winning series charts in Nielsen’s streaming rankings in over two years. (It was “acquired” because Nielsen thought the HBO cable channel was HotD , although it and HBO Max are part of the Warner Bros. Discovery Channel. Beyond Preschool Coconut ( episodes), all other series are at the top of the shows earned 07 At least12 episodes.

Netflix’s Echoes with 1. tops this week’s overall ranking and original series charts billion minutes watched. Thriller starring Michelle Monaghan as identical twins who often swap lives – until one of them disappeared. Disney+’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law hits the charts in Week 2 Single circulation, with Ranked ninth for the original million minutes. Hulu’s Only Murder in the Building (433 million minutes) increased The percentage finale for the second season of the week.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover viewing on televisions and do not include minutes of viewing on computers or mobile devices. Viewership only measures U.S. audiences, not audiences in other countries, and currently includes only Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video. Nielsen’s top streaming series for August 10- as follows.

Original series

1. Echo (Netflix), 1. Billion Minutes Viewed

2. Stranger Things (Netflix), 770 Million
14883. The Sandman (Netflix), 681 million

4. only murders in the building (Hulu), 578 million
5. Locke & Key (Netflix), 485 million
6. Unknown (Netflix), 518 million
7. Virgin River (Netflix), 471 million
I never (Netflix), 460 million


She-Hulk: Lawyer (Disney+), 62 million
. Glow (Netflix), 336 million

Acquired series

1. Game of Thrones (HBO Max) , 909 Million Minutes 2. NCIS (Netflix), 770 million
Dragon House (HBO Max), 730 million
4. Coconut (Netflix), 677 Million 5. Bluey (Disney+), 615 million
6. Life is big Explosion (HBO Max), 615 million7. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 567 million
8. Friends (HBO Max), 460 million
Breaking Bad (Netflix), 392 million
. Blacklist (Netflix), 392 million

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