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Ganni Pre-Fall 2024

Oh, Europa! At Ganni, the combination of “revenge travel” and nostalgia resulted in a pre-fall line up that celebrates the beauty of the Old World while iterating on the brand’s codes, including leopard and rose motifs, shaped jackets, and cowboy boots. With an eye to patina, prints are deliberately faded, and the palette, while not sepia-toned, exudes a toned-down softness. Punkish touches like buckled ballerina flats, and interesting layering proposals—a lacy, open-work slip dress over a fluffy sweater, for example—keep things kicking.

On a call from Copenhagen, Ganni’s observant creative director Ditte Reffstrup spoke of two tendencies she’s noted among her staff: a turn toward hard-to-find designs and post-pandemic rediscovery. “For so many years it has been so much about wanting all the new stuff, actually having the new collections before they are almost even developed, and I feel like there is a nostalgia upon us, in fashion, music, even in food,” she said, pointing out that the younger team members of her team are showing new interest in early Ganni pieces.

As the world has reopened post-COVID, Reffstrup has been hitting the road. She recently spent time in Portugal with her family wandering the streets and absorbing history. The passing of time can soften the edges of things (memory is built to do this too) and that has a certain attractiveness in times of sharp divisiveness. This Ganni collection doesn’t stray as far from home as the people behind it, but the brand’s focus on serving up “comfort fashion” through the reframing of familiar pieces feels on point for the tenor of the times.



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