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Ganni's Joyride has table dancing, karaoke and an After-After party

The first thing Ganni’s creative director Ditte Reffstrup told me when I first met her last spring was that Danes know how to party, and Ganni’s party was the much-anticipated off-duty post activity. Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Ganni “Joyride” kicks off after the SS23 show at Ofelia Plads, one of Copenhagen’s stunning waterfront marinas. Ganni Friends jumped on a riverboat for an unconventional trip to Copenhagen led by the hilarious duo Maj Mokaj and Proxy Server. We stop along one of Copenhagen’s colourful canals lined with Danes enjoying the summer afternoon sun, and enter the Copenhagen hotspot Apollo Bar.

Local restaurateur and chef Frederik Bille Brahe, a feast awaits, around a carved artichoke tower in a vine-covered courtyard surrounded by stone from the Royal Academy of Arts Architecture and gallery spaces filled with contemporary art, peek through the windows above. Brahe is an old friend of Reffstrup – the two bicker like siblings over how long they’ve known each other. This is not the first time they have collaborated on a dinner or party during CFW. They’ve been collaborators for years — Brahe’s wife, Caroline, even modeled in Ganney’s first runway show.

As the drink started to flow faster, Reffstrup himself started spinning late with DJ Louise Chen 2000 and early 2000 hits such as JLo (J Affleck?) and Mary J. Blige, the music leaders of the era, the atmosphere changed. Models, stylists, and even the talented Ganni crew took center stage, and tables danced in the courtyard, angering partygoers in a welcoming and provocative way.

When the music outside is turned down, the inside of the Apollo Bar lights up. Sweaty but lovable friends and guests danced on benches against the wall and walked back and forth in the bar – accompanied by a gentleman in full denim as Ghani whipped overhead to the obvious beat of Eminem’s timeless jam Sunflowers on , “Without me.”

For those of us past 3am, the partygoers walked around the corner to Café Malmö, a red White and white speakeasies checkered tablecloths where you can smoke. Under the full moon, the beer was streaming down the street overlooking the water, and we foreigners tried to recall the dispatch number of the taxi.

Ganni girls in attendance – some on the table, some not – including models Richie Shazam, Sophia Roe, Erin Wasson, Edie-Rose Liberty, Ana Kras, President of Ganni Louise Du Toit, Kwamie Liv, Anna Shaffer and Emilie Lilja.




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