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Gasly: ​​AlphaTauri 'giving more' in closer F1 midfield

Gasly led AlphaTauri to the biggest points tally in team history last year as it finished sixth in the standings with 142 points, giving Italy hope of a top-five finish in 2022.

But the team slid back from a competitive midfield instead, with just 27 points remaining in the opening 13 races, 57 points less than the same time last year.

It has not scored since Gasly finished fifth in Azerbaijan in mid-June, causing it to drop to eighth in the championship, just ahead of Aston Martin and Willian mus.

Gasly is currently in his fourth full season at Faenza and as he tries to help the team through, especially against a tighter midfield this year He’s taking on more leadership roles when he’s in the lineup.

“I believe in moments like these, as a leader, you have to come together and bring everyone together and work towards the same goal,” Gasly told

“It’s not easy because we are all human and people want work not rewards. Right now, we are all working hard, but our efforts are not rewarding.

“I believe there are still opportunities and signs that we can achieve good results. But objectively it is obviously harder than last year, especially in a more competitive midfield.

“There is no team like Williams or Haas right now. It’s midfield from the fourth to the last.

” It just means Well, if you’re a little behind, you were still close to the top 10 last year, and now you’re paying more. ”


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Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri AT03

Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri AT03

Image credit: Red Bull Content Pool

Gasly finished fifth in Baku, marking AlphaTauri’s second-place finish this season The best results of the AT03 car proved competitive throughout the weekend, pointing to the AT03 car’s ability when track layout and track conditions play to their advantage.

“It felt a bit like the 2018 team when I joined,” Gasly said. “We have this very specific match, things [works]. I’m thinking of Bahrain, Bahrain’s P4, which is similar to Baku [this year’s] P5.

“We have some very Amazing performance, but on very specific tracks and specific conditions.

“For the rest, I’d say a lot of bad luck or something like that affected our end result. It’s always frustrating.

” When When you’re working toward a goal, that’s what you want the most, and you find that things aren’t quite there, it’s not always easy to deal with it. “

AlphaTauri has taken a more conservative approach to its upgrade plans than many of its midfield rivals, delaying the launch of its first major package until the French Grand Prix at the end of July.

But the update failed to provide noticeable improvement, leaving Gasly and teammate Yuki Kakuda still trying to understand and unlock his potential heading into the second half of the season.



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