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Gavin Crawford, Sharjil Rasool Join 'Run the Burbs' Season 2 (Exclusive)

Gavin Crawford and Sharjil Rasool join the second season of Run the Burbs in this lighthearted CBC The comedy sophomore season will be hosted and executive produced by The Office writer Anthony Q. Farrell.

Dakota Ray Hebert and Ann Pornel will guest star in the Pier 21 film series by Andrew Phung and Scott Townend, along with Pham The expansion of the family universe. The cast for the second season will include regulars Phung as Andrew Pham, Rakhee Morzaria as Camille Pham, Zoriah Wong and Roman Pesino as Khia and Leo Pham.

Other Season 1 cast members returning include Ali Hassan, Julie Nolke, Jonathan Langdon, Chris Locke, Samantha Wan and Aurora Browne (Baroness von Sketch Show). Season 2 will premiere on CBC and CBC Gem over the winter 21 as 13 new half-hour episodes are in the works.

“For Season 2, Scott and I want to go a step further and have more fun with Burbs. We’re going to host Anthony Q. Farrell on our annual show Join our team as we expand the world of Phams with our amazing writers. This also includes some incredibly interesting and talented cast. Phams are always great, and we saw that in season two ,” Phung said in a statement.

Run the Burbs Executive Produced by Phung, Townend, Laszlo Barna, Nicole Butler, Karen Tsang, Aleysa Young, Nelu Handa and Courtney J. Walker. Jessica Daniel is making. The second season of the comedy is directed by Young, Zoe Hopkins, Pat Mills, Joyce Wong and Sherren Lee.



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