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'Gears of War' Video Game Franchise Is Getting Feature Film, Animated Series Adaptation on Netflix (Exclusive)

Gears of War, one of the biggest video game franchises on the Xbox platform, is coming to Netflix.

After months of negotiations in a competitive environment, the streamer acquired the media rights and partnered with The Coalition, the Canadian game developer behind the franchise. It also appeared on the franchise’s 16 anniversary; the first Gears of War game was released on November 7 2006 published.

Netflix has big ambitions for the title and has a plan that includes adapting the video game saga into a live-action film first, followed by an adult animated series. If all goes well, more stories will follow.

No filmmakers or producers were involved in these projects, and after several attempts at adaptation by major studios, the video game series started all over again.

The game is set on a planet on the verge of social collapse, where a massive threat from underground creatures called locusts has brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Delta Squad, a battered fire squad led by disgraced Sergeant Marcus Fenix, is now tasked with leading humanity’s final battle.

over 40 Sold millions of copies in six installments and spin-offs, the series is considered a

GAME One of the richest and most admired legends with a passionate fan base.

Hollywood has been trying to get involved in Gears action since When the new line briefly gained the rights. This Netflix deal must have been particularly satisfying to film head Scott Stuber , who was attached to his mid-term indie as an indie producer. Making Adaptations 2010s. That iteration was built by Universal, but never got past the screenwriting stage.




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