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Genderbent Terry Bogard Bishoujo statue set for April 2023

Shouya It was announced Wednesday that it would release a statue of Terry Bogard as part of its long-running Pretty Girl series in April 23. This cute female version of Terry is in SNK Heroines: Tag Spree fighting game; she kept her signature red jacket, but wore denim shorts and a hat that read “Fatal Cutie” instead of “Fatal Fury.” Toshiya Yamashita () designed the character and Yoshiki Fujimoto sculpted it. Fans of The King of Fighters will notice that the base reproduces the stone floor of the game’s boss stage: the auditorium. Shouwu Released Mai Shiranui’s figure this month under SNK beautiful girl lineup.

Products will be sold in overseas regions through international partners, but belong to

Shouya Exclusive store in Japan. ©SNK CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED . Image courtesy of Kotobukiya.

Source: Press Release



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