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Genshin Impact voice actor denounces Elliot Gindi after sexual misconduct allegations

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Genshin Impact Voice Actor

by Elliot Gindi

Twitch and Discord shared a document (Warning: Explicit Content ), containing screenshots of alleged sexual misconduct between Gindi and several fans — some of whom were allegedly underage at the time. The document spread like wildfire in the Genshin Impact community, Gindi has come out and confirmed some allegations and denied others .

Gindi tweeted on TwitLonger:

I’m sorry for those I hurt Sorry guys. I never meant to hurt anyone. I try to keep things aboveboard. I think everything is voluntary and safe. I try to tell myself that I can be ethical with clear communication and boundaries. I was wrong and I realized it, which is why I tried to confess to everyone I knew, log off and get therapy. For those of you who believed in me after my cleansing, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Please don’t use this as an opportunity to bash other actors or games. Nobody knows.

REAL SITUATION: All screenshots of chat history. Yep, all the creepy stuff about sex. Yes, I did threaten to kill myself if it got out. I didn’t think about the seriousness of this matter. sorry. I never intended to change someone’s trump card and they insisted that’s what they wanted. I ended things but then succumbed to emotional weakness and re-engaged when I had the chance

I disrespect someone’s pronoun change. I’m not “waiting” for someone TURN. I flatly rejected them.

Re: Other questionable practices: Sometimes I put on my boxers, but never with any sexual intent or emphasis. I didn’t realize it could be interpreted that way, and I apologize to anyone who made it uncomfortable. Also, other than those three people I was involved with, I didn’t engage with anyone in the above manner.

I understand that what I did was wrong and inappropriate and do my best to confess it to those I come into contact with. I reacted inappropriately to situations that I felt needed and hurt a lot of people in the process. I understand that my actions have consequences and am committed to taking my responsibility while striving to be better and do better.

These days, after 169 His compatriots Genshin Impact

The voice actors have publicly expressed their condemnation and outrage over Gindi’s alleged sexual misconduct. Gindi voices Tighnari in the Genshin Impact mobile game. Some responded angrily: Jenny Yokobori (Yoimiya in Genshin Impact ):

Now I have more spoons: Elliot Gindi is abominable. His abuse of his victims was inexcusable. I absolutely loathe him and anyone who tries to defend him.
I just hope the victim is safe.

I don’t care about any “apology” though

– Jenny Yokobori (@JennyYokobori) Feb 8, 300 Ashley Biski (Layla in Genshin Impact)

There are people talking Responsibility of actors to fans:

Brandon Winckler (Takuya​ [Blue Oni] at Genshin Impact)



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